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Baddest Man on Earth Destroys Yellow Jacket Nest Barehanded

North Korean Refugees Try American BBQ

bobknight33 says...

N Korea evilness needs to be made more public. A true disgrace.
A totally brainwashed society by it government.

Great video. I only wish more was done to free its people.

Baddest Man on Earth Destroys Yellow Jacket Nest Barehanded

collegehumor-kinda racist? try diet racism!

JustSaying says...

Your problem starts with thinking there's a left wing and a right wing. Kinda like believing there's 'conservative' views and 'liberal' views. You're buying into the labeling scheme.
Not being racist doesn't mean you're a liberal left-winger.
Not being racist means not being a douchebag. That's all there is to that.

transmorpher said:

I get that its a joke, but combating right wing ignorance with left wing ignorance doesn't help anyone, and is a big reason why we've ended up with trump, which means everyone loses.

FedEx Driver drifting a Jackknifed Truck like a boss

bitterbug says...

Never did a stint as a commercial driver, but passed all the courses and went through down to the Michigan Decision Driving training grounds and did runs in trucks with jacknife scenarios, etc.

He's not drifting there. His trailer brakes are locked up. And because of inertia and ice his trailer is trying to pass his cab.

The goal is to maintain control but keep as low a speed as possible, so you give power to the cab to pull the trailer back into line in a normal situation. In this case he doesn't want to accelerate because there's no safe ground to regain control on, so he's going to aim for keeping the cab going at equal to or just slightly faster than the trailer.

As soon as he hits a clear patch of pavement or level ground then a little bit of acceleration from the cab pulls the trailer back in line behind the cab, drop the acceleration as the drag from the trailer slows you down, etc.

A good reason to always wait before pulling back in after passing a truck on the highway. In an emergency their maneuvers can take long distances when fully loaded. If something goes wrong during your passing maneuver your want to be as far out of their way as possible.

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