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A Very Realistic Military Game - Amy Schumer

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Norsuelefantti says...

Thanks, allthough I just copypasted it from someone's Youtube comment. Doubleplus thanks for the powerpoints too, I'll try to put them to good use

eric3579 said:

Just ran across this again. What a gem that was.

Honest Trailers - The Wolf of Wall Street

A Very Realistic Military Game - Amy Schumer

World's Toughest Job

ChaosEngine says...

Ah, that makes more sense. Point taken, but yes, I down voted for myself. I just felt artician should share in the vitriol

BoneRemake said:

I may have misunderstood

" On behalf of artician... downvote. "

I figured you were downvoting for him, not with him. Big difference as I am sure you can appreciate.

Kids React To Walkman (Portable Cassette Players)

ChaosEngine says...

Yes, and thankfully consigned there.

Sorry but aside from nostalgia I have no desire to see cassettes ever again. Vinyl might have some superior audio, but absolutely every single aspect of listening to music now is an improvement over cassettes.

Bink said:

My backpack had one pocket filled with cassettes and batteries. It was almost a status symbol to have one. Sadly my daughter doesn't even know what this is and it's a great piece of history.

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