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Israeli crowd cheers with joy as missile hits Gaza on CNN

Yogi says...

Yeah no, I'm sorry but you have a lot of this very wrong. The Gaza strip is the worlds largest open air prison. Israel has blocked peace with US support and has broken ceasefires consistently with US support for over 4 decades now.

You need to read a bit more to understand how complex this situation is. Hamas are by no means saints and they are cripplingly stupid. But there is a reason why there are dozens of votes at the UN that are every other fucking country in the world against Israel and the US. Because they're on the wrong side of history. Israel is running an apartheid state and will continue to do so as long as there's people like you who support them.

ShakaUVM said:

What's disgusting is the hypocrisy of people, who applaud the constant bombardment of Israel with missiles, and then rise up in outrage when Israel moves to defend itself.

Israel shows amazing fucking restraint for a country that had hundreds of missiles launched at it.

Hamas fired over 400 rockets at civilian population centers.

You would be singing a very different song if your home town came under constant bombardment. 50% of Israeli kids living near the Gaza Strip have post traumatic stress disorder. Fuck Hamas and the horse they rode in on.

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Humans Are Too Stupid For Aliens

the cunt song

Payback says...

Technically, they were "coonts".

eric3579 said:

It would always put a big smile on my face when an Irish acquaintance would call me or other friends cunts. Just so fun when said by the Irish.

Space Station 76 trailer

Rula Jebreal discusses the Gaza ‘media war’ (All In)

If Action Movies Were Even Remotely Real

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO)

ChaosEngine says...

Ok, now I know you're either trolling or an idiot.

So, on one hand, we can do away with the foundation of every judicial system in the developed world and basically bring in Judge Dredd (adding in cruel and unusual punishment just for good measure).

And on the other hand, we need to fix the judiciary system so that it's 100% completely infallible.

Congratulations! You've somehow managed to present two ideas; both completely and utterly retarded and at the same time contradicting each other.

That's actually impressive in its stupidity.

Jerykk said:

If there's irrefutable evidence that a suspect is guilty, a trial is an utter waste of time and taxpayer money. Executions themselves don't have to be expensive either. Get rid of death row, get rid of fancy lethal injections. Just break the criminal's neck and dump him in a hole or incinerate him. That would be far, far cheaper than providing him with food, shelter, medical care, etc, for the duration of his sentence.

The reliability of our judiciary system is another matter entirely and separate from the matter of punishment. It's definitely flawed and would need to be reworked before enacting any of the changes I've proposed.

Space Station 76 trailer

Payback says...

I like that they haven't shown anything of the plot, or any of the good scenes.

...unless there is no plot, and no good scenes.

Poko, a cockatiel, sings Totoro movie theme.

ponceleon says...

Birds are dinosaurs... so basically, if we clone a raptor and domesticate it, we might be able to get it to do this.


fates warning-best progressive metal band you never heard

gorillaman says...

This is the first I've heard of theirs post-John Arch.

The Apparition blew my dick off the first time I heard it. Had to have it surgically reconstucted, months of rehabilitation, PTSD...worth it.

chris hedges-fascist corporatocracy

If Action Movies Were Even Remotely Real

MilkmanDan says...

I dunno. This might swing a bit too far the other way to truly be realistic -- instant-death headshots on targets that are running (and/or targets that are monologuing) aren't necessarily so easy to hit.

Take Wyatt Earp, who had plenty of bullets fired at him in anger, yet never actually got hit...

The Imitation Game - Official Trailer

the cunt song

pumkinandstorm (Member Profile)

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