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Purse snatcher gets his ass kicked by a skinny girl

Purse snatcher gets his ass kicked by a skinny girl

newtboy says...

Another fine example of why we could use an *instant-karma channel.
I only wish she had disarmed the second thief and made them both bite the curb until the cops got there.
This should be a commercial for her Dojo.

How a zombie took down a fighter Jet

EMPIRE says...

I thought he was going to actually latch on to the fighter and make it into the cockpit. At least this way is physically plausible.

Sarah help me!

Vicious Cycles ('67 Stop-Motion Biker Spoof)

OldSalt says...

I remember this being shown on a very old and famous TV talk show, can't remember which one. It was a humorous send in. It was right after I was separated from active Naval service and I never forgot it....the cigar weilding, leader of the pack and getting the girl up by stepping on her foot like one of those foot operated garbage can lids, cracked me up then and was delighted to see it again (it took one hour to find this piece of art work from so long ago). It's inspired me to think about making my own stop motion comedy piece.

Sushi: The Japanese Tradition.

How a zombie took down a fighter Jet

Black Swans Feeding Koi Fish

AeroMechanical says...

They just can't resist jamming food into a gaping mouth. Let this go on for another few million years, the fish will evolve to automatically approach geese looking for food, the geese will evolve to feed the first two that approach and eat the third.

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