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Health warning!!! Lemon wedges in your drinks can kill you!

BicycleRepairMan says...

Diseasecausing , fecal and other bacteria are literally EVERYWHERE. They get on to everything we eat and drink, the stuff we touch.. everywhere. They are however pretty harmless in small quantities.

For instance, I'd probably worry more about using an Iphone, and then touching the rim of the glass afterwards. If you wanna get paranoid about it, try microscoping a swab from the glass of your phone touchscreen. thats the dirtiest place on earth.

Our bodies have evolved to live in dirty environments, so dont worry too much about it. wash your hands and do the normal hygiene stuff, and you probably wont die from fecal bacteria.. Just order a strong drink and wait for the alcohol to kill it

The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning Fails 2015 HD

siftbot says...

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