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River swallows house - India

God loving parents give gay son a choice

shinyblurry says...

I stand corrected.
I do recall reading that he did say, at one point, that aside from 'putting God above all else', the golden rule (treat others as you would have them treat you) is the most important thing to learn from religion...this seems to be at odds with supporting the bigotry and hatred of the 'law' (of god), although as I read it (what little I've read of it) the bible should be for telling the reader how they should act, not how they should force everyone else to act. I guess I ignored those parts that said you have to stone the infidels and such. :-)

There are three parts to the Old Testament law, civil, ceremonial and moral. The civil and ceremonial laws were given to nation of Israel only, not to Christians. The ordinances God gave to Israel regarding civil judgments, food and drink and the like are not applicable to Christians.

EDIT: And what happened to 'he died to absolve us of our sins'? If that's supposed to work, then there's no sin after the crucifixion, no? Is that something else I'm mistaken about, or was it a one time absolution only for those present at that time, with everyone else still hosed? If sin is gone, why care if your son is 'doing it' wrong, he'll still go to heaven, right?

Jesus provided what is called the "substitutionary atonement". Meaning, that Jesus took your place (and mine) on the cross and received the punishment for sin that we both deserve. He took the entirety of the punishment on Himself and through His sacrifice we can receive forgiveness for sins. He suffered and died vicariously for us, and through faith in Him we receive a blank slate and attain a perfect standing before God. His righteousness is credited to our account as if it were our own, though there is nothing we could do to earn it; It is only received through faith.

Jesus provided the atonement for all sin, but it isn't universally applied; It must be received by faith. When you stand before God and account for your life, you will be judged for your sins in one of two ways; either by your righteousness or Christs.

Climate Change - Veritasium

Stuffed Dog VS Real Dogs

Florida Beachgoers Oblivious of Large Hammerhead Shark

00Scud00 says...

We need to start a program where we fit all sharks with a beacon of some kind and whenever they wander into swimming areas they are picked up by sensors and then a sound system on the beach starts playing the Jaws theme. That will get everyone out of the water in a jiffy.

Black Swans Feeding Koi Fish

Ordering a pizza when you are high

Boys React to Playing Dungeons and Dragons With Girls

Stormsinger says...

If, by "shit boys traditionally will not do often" you mean "shit inappropriate to the macho-image some boys are encouraged to take on", then it's not odd at all. Those are not the boys that generally play RPGs. It's just one example of why geeks are superior to the run-of-the-mill thugs, hoods and jocks in school. Geeks tend to be willing to use their heads, and not just for busting through walls.

Lawdeedaw said:

Ironic that one of the most intellectual, group reliant games is dominated by boys... Especially considering you have to wait your turn, learn to share and shit boys traditionally will not do often.

Florida Beachgoers Oblivious of Large Hammerhead Shark

norman finkelstein-US jews know too much now

Yogi says...

They earn a lot though. Also those dumb as shit comedies still make a fuck ton of money for them a lot of the time.

I'm thinking that Norman knows more than us about Jews in America.

billpayer said:

Wishful thinking... sounds like the this guy is making a lot of assumptions.

"...earn more than others"? No. It's Indian Americans by far.

"... are cerebral"?
Perhaps he's not aware of the dumb as shit Hollywood comedies that come out every fucking week.

"...are doctors, lawyers etc etc."
So what. There are many Asians in the same roles. Doesn't make them liberal.

Watch any Max Blumenthal video as evidence of what is going on with their current youth. It's anything but liberal.

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