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I dare you not to find this mind-blowing!

newtboy jokingly says...

Was there a message intended?....because what I got was 'A woman can do amazing things if she has a strong man to support and guide her, but without him she'll just stumble along until gravity overtakes her and brings her down.' ....I have a history of misunderstanding, though, so perhaps I'm taking it wrong.

New Metallica song - Moth into flame

noims says...

Agreed. I heard a song of theirs on the radio the other day and spent a lot of the song trying to identify it. It was obviously Metallica, and sounded like their old stuff, so I thought it might have been off Garage Days or something I didn't know that well.

Was pleasantly surprised to hear it's off the new album. Obviously the better production didn't shine through the crap car radio and traffic noise.

ChaosEngine said:

That verse riff is pretty classic 80stallica.

I'm not sold on the chorus, but it's certainly more interesting than anything they've done for a while.

Epic bridge and absolutely monster tone and production!!

Solo needs more wah pedal though

SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

Rise and Shine

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