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Canadian Sergeant-At-Arms back on duty the next day

speechless says...

I would just like to say, there is an 'ignore' function.

Nothing you or anyone else says is going to reason this person out of their views. Because they didn't arrive at them from a point of reason in the first place.

That doesn't mean that everyone with an opposing point of view is wrong and should be shunned. But when you're confronted with a person like BK , you have to ask yourself, "Am I making things worse by responding?"

One third of the comments on this sift involve this troll. That sucks because this video is about a truly courageous man, but instead some jerk is getting off on your attention.

Yeah, I get the irony of making a post about him saying we shouldn't post about him. Paradoxical world we live in I guess.

Asmo said:

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but this video was honoring a person who defended others and you come around trying to make a political point out of it.

The world is a worse place with people like you in it... You can't let go of your petty point scoring for just a few seconds?

The guy in the video is a true hero, he doesn't seem to want the applause and it's obviously deeply upsetting to him. I'm sure he regrets what he had to do even though he would make the same decision every time.

You though. Like a vulture coming around to pick the leavings. You aren't wanted, aren't needed, you're a pebble in a shoe and the sooner you get tipped out, the better.

Shame on you.

Mechanic Saves Damage To Classic Car TWICE.

Payback says...

I've nightmares of this.

It works out ok though, turns out the classic car I'm running to save turns out to just be a little toy car which turns out to be a desk in my grade 3 class. That desk did a lot of damage to the refrigerator though.

Cenk Uygur debates Sam Harris

RedSky says...

Hmm I think I'm coming around to Harris on profiling. A statistical approach that takes into account all factors (whether it be race or religion, however in/significant they may be) would certainly have the best outcome. Although frankly the sample size mix of confounders would not really be sufficient to draw very strong conclusions.

As a matter of policy I do see the logic in saving lives being placed above political correctness where the cost is inconvenience (and yes some loss of dignity). As far Cenk's point on what profiling leads to, I'm not really sold. It feels too much like a slippery slope argument (a bad analogy would be suggesting gay marriage leads to polygamy).

I guess the problem is though, while in theory at no point should 'Muslim being a contributing factor to selection' be interpreted as that the policy believes all Muslims are terrorists, it is all but certain that this is what people would choose to believe. Even something like a subsidised flight in lieu of inconvenience would not really help here.

But yes, he should stay out of foreign policy. Benevolent dictator, wow.

Cenk Uygur debates Sam Harris

RedSky says...

I'm finding it was a fair discussion on both sides. Harris is clearly more knowledge in the subject but Cenk came up with enough counter-examples to keep the discussion interesting.

Ultimately I think they've spent far too much arguing on the part/predominantly Islam to blame and whether Islamic is worse than certain other religions. Both are very subjective positions and I feel Harris comes off dogmatic here. He may be well placed to argue that people will undersell the role of Islam (perhaps due to political correctness) but to take a very absolutist position cheapens his argument.

I'm only half way but I feel they skipped over socio-economics far too quickly. The reason a middle class citizen in a western country can be radicalised by Islam (say ISIS) is because of the wellspring of specifically radical Islamic communities on the internet relative to other religions. This makes the chances of an impressionable individual stumbling on these much higher than say on a radical Christian call to action which I'm sure exist. As an area, the Middle East is also far more conflict prone and engender an immediate need to respond.

That Islam is so important in many Middle Eastern countries is in itself a product of their low socio-economic level. I suspect that in societies where religion rather than the nation state (which is corrupt or ineffectual) is the main cohesive entity and where low education may make many events we attribute to science unexplainable, it is no surprise that religion (Islam) is taken more seriously and literally. For example insofar as there being no effectual system of law and punishment to more humanely deal with criminals. Also because religion is such a more important glue of community, it's strictures are enforced more rigidly - more varied interpretations would lead to disagreements and risk breaking the community apart (or alternatively, I am saying that only communities with rigid ideologies have survived).

The reason why a Palestinian Christian behaves less radically than Palestinian Muslims on average may also have manifold explanations if it is true. If we accept that many religious groups are linked globally, it is arguable that western countries with their more moderate Christian view are a moderating influence relative to the more radical average global interpretation of Islam. Perhaps with suicide bombings being such an Islamic stigma, it is an activity they as a community have actively tried to avoid? Perhaps anthropologically being in the minority in a community engenders less radicalism and more passive behaviour?

Why Videosift Has A "W.T.F." Channel.

invasion - Judgement Day remix

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