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gourmetemu says...

Actually today.

And I guess it half was since I wanted to post that video before and thought I couldn't until it was discarded. So I was looking over what I could do as a gold star and just put two and two together.

In reply to this comment by lucky760:
Oh, no problem. No you didn't have to discard the old one and you can feel free to submit it yourself since you wouldn't be self-linking by posting it.

It was a video, but sent to Sift Talk for discussion.

Thanks for filling me in. I thought maybe you were testing out your invocations or something.

Say, when did you get your gold star?

In reply to this comment by gourmetemu:
I should also add I thought I was discarding the video not a ST post.

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gourmetemu says...

I'm actually a fan of that video. I wanted to post it before learning that it was attempted before and the user was banned due to self posting. Now while I agree with the banning due to rule violations, the video itself has made me laugh. So I guess I was trying to eliminate a duplicate in the system of a video I wanted to post, since it couldn't be viewed anyways.

Does that make sense? Sometimes I ramble so if you'd like me to explain myself further I'd be happy to. Also if you feel that the video should stay banned due to violations of the user I'd understand as well.

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