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Real Name: Ant
A little about me...
I am just an ant! :)

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C-note says...

The video showed up when I pre-viewed it before clicking submit. But after submit nothing appeared. If I view my personal Un-Sifted list is appears there and is viewable, but it's not viewable from the main page.

here's the embed
<iframe src='//' allowfullscreen frameborder=0></iframe>

here's the direct link

Thanks for asking about it.

ant said:

Uh, I don't see an embedded video?

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your video, Vox: Why so many sitcoms look the same., has reached the #1 spot in the current Top 15 New Videos listing. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish but you managed to pull it off. For your contribution you have been awarded 2 Power Points.

This achievement has earned you your "Golden One" Level 62 Badge!

siftbot says...

Your video, Men v(eru)s women shopping...., has made it into the Top 15 New Videos listing. Congratulations on your achievement. For your contribution you have been awarded 1 Power Point.

This achievement has earned you your "Pop Star" Level 177 Badge!

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