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Captain Disillusion (CD) on Resolution

spawnflagger says...

his timeline of growing resolutions ends with IMAX 70mm film - but historically that was used in cameras and theaters before many of the others he mentioned, and is now mostly abandoned in favor of digital projection.
8k is dumb. 4k only makes sense if you have a screen over 100".

Infinite Loop and Drag Race Battery Test

Prove Apple wrong about data recovery and get banned

spawnflagger says...

Apple quality has consistently gone down hill after Steve Jobs (could be post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc fallacy, but whatever).
AppleCare is a must nowadays, backups are a must (iCloud or local)- Apple treats their devices as throwaway, regardless of the cost. They just want you to buy a new one, and sadly most people do.
My 2012 MacBookPro (last model that is field-upgradeable) is a tank, but I won't buy a new one when it dies. I've seen 1/3 of 2018 MacBookPros ($2500) have random lockup issues and need to be replaced.
I'm still trying to get data recovered from my wife's 2015 MacBook (wouldn't turn on 1 day, no drops, no water, just dead).

Petoi Nybble, The First Product From OpenCat

Why they still print $2 bills

spawnflagger says...

I withdrew a bunch of $2s from local bank branch the other week.
many people actually think they're fake.

I think they should get rid of $1 bill, but increase minting of $1 coin, and increase printing of $2 bill.
(and get rid of penny, but that's another story)

Thai PSA: Boss Da Market

The Rollable OLED TV is expected to release this year

The Consequences of Your Code

spawnflagger jokingly says...

funny he had this long list of people to thank at the end of the video, but he didn't thank the girl who almost gave him the clap (thus inspiring the video)

DIY Rocketeer Building Self-Landing SpaceX Model Rockets

spawnflagger says...

what he's doing is cool as a hobby, but he should really go get a physics or engineering degree to take it to the next level. (but then again, if his YouTube channel becomes popular, he'll make more money and have more fun than doing it professionally)

Also, those rocket engines aren't precise enough to use for landing. ±0.1 seconds of thrust makes no difference going up (for a model rocket) but for landing it's the difference between "reusable" and "busted".

The Kimono World’s Dirty Little Secret

The new supercomputer behind the US nuclear arsenal

The new supercomputer behind the US nuclear arsenal

spawnflagger says...

Those are just the doors on the rack enclosures. Inside each rack it's quite boring to look at.

Performance wise- it would kill a network (of any size) of PS4 nodes. A huge gain is from the Power9 CPUs connected to the V100 GPUs via NVlink (way faster than PCIe).

But each Sierra node also costs considerably more (Nvidia V100 alone are $10,000 each, a single node has 4), and the network (dual EDR 100Gbps Infiniband with 480x 36-port TOR switches and 9x 648-port director switches) would cost millions of dollars itself.

For those curious, lots more technical details here:

Payback said:

They look like a network gigantic Playstations...

The new supercomputer behind the US nuclear arsenal

The History Guy: Fall from an SR-71

spawnflagger says...

I'm a little skeptical now that I'm older, but a few decades ago I read that the SR-71's wings actually had a small gap that fuel leaked out while at low speed/altitude. Once it got up to speed, the metal heated up, expanded, and closed the gap.

The Statue of George W. Bush

spawnflagger says...

That was a lot of words for never actually saying the reason Albania erected a statue of W... cause he visited there? cause they like USA? it's got to be more than that.

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