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Moving Illusions

Why Do I Study Physics?

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Deceptive Shadows

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rottenseed says...


oritteropo said:

Would some Reggae help to counteract it?

A Song About A Circle Constant

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Vi Hart introduces the amazing fractal number Wau. Wow.

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rottenseed says...

Colo(u)r me jealous. I would love to see him in a small venue. Saw Doug Stanhope perform in a 1800 sq ft dive bar once. That was pretty amazing, but uncomfortably crowded. I'm going to email him and bug him about coming back to SD. If you listen to the 08-16-2010 podcast he reads my letter for advice about 5:00 minutes into it. That was so awesome to hear his advice.

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You got to see him live, he's a powerhouse on stage. Total command of everything. Did a 75 minute set. Like he promised on the podcast he gave out the Let It Go dvds for free. In a way I'm glad he wasn't playing a bigger place - at 400 people it was intimate enough to resemble a comedy club. We were also treated to an extended bit on the gold-digging whores :

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ME TOO! Minus the London bit. I missed him when he came to San Diego...stupid girlfriend's family reunion >:

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Definitely! I listen to the podcast, got the DVDs and saw him at the London show last Sunday :

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Thanks, Deano! Bill Burr fan?

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