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How Mumbai Police Stop Drivers Honking at Red Lights

mxxcon says...

Ya...I don't see this effort being too successful because they will eventually just start ignoring traffic lights

but holy crap do indians love to honk..

lucky760 said:

This is a great idea... but how about results?

Did people eventually stop honking???

Such a disappointing end to the video!

I was on the edge of my seat... and they LEFT me there. Boo!

Texas Man's Invention Creates Drinking Water from Air

The Greatest Shot In Television

We're Collectively Using Escalators Wrong

mxxcon says...

So if MFT and safety agencies know that people tend to stand on one side, why the fuck won't they design escalators to be stronger on that side?

Paris’ Traveling Knife Grinder

mxxcon says...

I'm always so disappointed in these "great big stories" videos.
They have such amazing, interesting subjects, videos are so professionally shot, but they all end up being too short and not really getting into the meat of things
This video should've been AT LEAST 15min long if not good 30+.
They could've shown how he sharpens different knifes, blades, etc etc, what customers think of him, etc. All their videos are such wasted opportunities

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1954 How to dial your phone by Bell System

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Wave tank demo showing impact of coastal defenses

What is Water Hammer?

mxxcon says...

I was expecting completely different content. I thought he would show some sort of actual hammering device which uses water.

But this is just as cool of a topic. Would've been interesting to see in more detail various solutions to address this effect.

Hydrodynamic Levitation! - Veritasium

mxxcon says...

I question this guys claim that he "invented" it. I remember doing this as a kid with my garden hose.

He might have been the one to market it..and even that sounds questionable.

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