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Why Solitary Confinement Needs to Be Banned

The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal

The Solar Power Towers of Southern Spain

50s Instructional Film: The ABCs of Hand Tools

Adam Ruins Weddings

gorillaman says...

We live in a world populated in the enormous majority by mindless tribals. Of course their rituals are idiotic.

Educational videos are fine, but what we need is a cull.

The Schlieren effect lets you see changes in air density

How to check the balance of your D20

gorillaman says...

I did this a while ago, but different dice have different densities so with the materials available to me I was only able to get a portion of them to float.

You should follow my example and, having discovered that some are balanced and some are not, put them all back in the same jar and ultimately learn nothing.

The Deal with Protein

gorillaman says...

It's weird that this is presented as if it were debunking the idea that you need to eat protein to build muscle, while actually completely confirming that's exactly what you need to do.

Terror in Germany: The Truth They Hide

gorillaman says...

Here's the thing. It's absolutely the case that their plan is to provoke an escalating conflict with us, their cultural superiors, but it turns out this is a bad plan because Allah isn't going to intervene like they think and deliver them a victory in a fight they can't otherwise win.

If the enemy are superstitious retards then we should celebrate, because it makes them easier to kill. Smallpox has been eradicated, polio soon to follow, why shouldn't islam be next? Let the moderate muslims join the fight; let them be cut down for it.

Khufu said:

The problem here is this: IS is carrying out (or inspiring) these attacks in order to incite hate. They are hoping the weak-minded closet-racists will react without second-though against ALL Muslims, thus creating an ACTUAL reason for the moderate Muslims(there are a lot of them) to join the fight thus upsetting the balance and giving IS more power. The best way to fight back is to not fall for this BS that all Muslims are out to get you.

The Man Who Invented, Then Hated, Shopping Malls

gorillaman says...

He's from the north, or the midlands anyway. In the south we'd pronounce it 'maul', except we wouldn't, we'd call it a 'shopping centre'.

Engels said:

ya, he pronounces it like 'mal' from malicious, not mol like molify. Is this a UK vs US thing?

What Happened Before History? Human Origins in a Nutshell

gorillaman says...

Why digest your own food like some stupid cow, when you can make a tree do it for you?

ChaosEngine said:

It doesn't make it more nutritious per se, but it does mean that your body has to expend less energy digesting it, so you get more nett energy (joules/calories/whatever) from eating cooked food (particularly meat).

Britain Leaving the EU - For and Against, Good or Bad?

gorillaman says...

We have the enormous misfortune in the UK to live in a democracy; how could it not? As more people from, effectively, the past enter the country the progress we've been making will be slowed or reversed.

Western, or probably more specifically north-western europe is that special region in the world where religion is actually dying off. More people in the UK are non-religious than religious. Christians in this country finally have the decency to be ashamed of their faith, and any extravagant public expression of belief is met with contempt from believers and non-believers alike - look at the minor scandal created when Tony Blair admitted to being a catholic, and engaging in such outlandish behaviours as prayer.

Orthodox christians from easten europe, and refugees from even less civilised areas, haven't had the opportunity to develop the same attitude. As they settle in their nasty little insular communities, the danger is that they're in a position to act as voting blocs that damage public policy.

Anyway, I'm sure it's heartening for eric to discover that basically none of us has any idea either.

RedSky said:

Do you really think an 11% immigrant population (for the UK) is going to change social policy? Especially when many of these immigrants aren't religious or socially conservative? This seems like one of those things that people have said enough that it becomes accepted as the truth ...

Britain Leaving the EU - For and Against, Good or Bad?

gorillaman says...

I've largely opted out of this one. I'm not an economist or an expert in european law, so I haven't the knowledge to make an intelligent choice.

I am somewhat naturally inclined toward remaining: there was never a trace of patriotism in my soul, and the european courts at least have done some service toward protecting british freedoms, both from our government and from those corporations who'd like to own it. The common market's a good principle, and I don't have anything but admiration for the idea of a european superpower to oppose the twin fascisms of the US and China.

I never thought I'd grow up to care about immigration, but it turns out I don't like seeing millions of social conservatives marching into western europe from lesser cultures, pushing back against the progress we've made in recent decades.

There's another dimension to that question in the UK, which I don't think is well understood externally: where absolutely anyone with a european passport is allowed permanent residence here, the government keeps the figures down to appease its more xenophobic voters by making it practically impossible for those outside the EU. So, every year we tell thousands of highly skilled, highly intelligent prospective immigrants to just fuck off. Good policy.

In any event, I don't endorse unjust systems like democracy, and wouldn't vote in any referendum.

CGP Grey - You Are Two (Brains)

CGP Grey - You Are Two (Brains)

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