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chilaxe says...

ForgedReality: "and I don't like seeing 800lb humans get out of a giant car taking up two handicapped spots that could have been used for normal people"

Haha. How dare you!!

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chilaxe says...

I might suggest you get an avatar.

Not using one implies you don't plan to stick around long enough to justify investing the 2 minutes necessary to upload one.

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>> ^chilaxe:

52% ≠ "will of the people".

Last couple of presidents don't satisfy that condition either then. Don't get me wrong, this is a horrible law, but your example is perfect for the effects of the tyranny of the majority

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chilaxe says...

lol. I see what you did there

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Now I... I dunno, not having been there and not having seen all the facts, what role race played in that - but I think it's fair to say:

1. Any of us would be pretty angry
2. That the St. Louis police acted pretty stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own town hall.

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chilaxe says...

Interesting. Which country do you live in?

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I live in a post-soviet nation which just last year ranked lowest in terms of quality of health care in the EU - and for good reason. I couldn't explain our system if I wanted to, it's that chaotic; made up from remnants of soviet infrastructure and new institutions that were created in the 90s, but suffice to say that one pays for other folks' medical care in taxes AND when one has to make a doctor's appointment/perform a procedure as well - unless they have full insurance (which more often than not people don't). I'd say up to half of the population do not have the social benefit of employer-covered insurance and less than half of all the uninsured have a privately purchased health care plan. There is a national health service in name only - it just doesn't do what it's supposed to. The prices for the services are generally reasonable, the problem is that the country's welfare sucks, with the majority of pensions being below the minimum consumer basket(!!!).
Having said that, people sometimes have to wait months to get government-funded surgery, but that's line-based waiting and usually for transplants afaik, because there just aren't any. While there are private clinics, I've never heard of anybody having to wait longer in a state hospital because of bureaucracy or because they couldn't afford to pay extra - that's just wrong.

Now, as far as a public health care option is concerned I can say this: as an Eastern-European country we have our fair share of soviet-sympathizers, but they're the minority. However, even people that could now be called nationalists often reminisce about how great Soviet health care was - nobody paid a single dime and everybody got the same treatment (almost, actually - ruling party members were usually taken to military hospitals - I wonder why...). Anyway, QM can spout his BS all he wants, but socialized health care works, and the fact that it worked for the Soviet republics doesn't mean that it goes hand-in-hand with communism, it means that it just plain WORKS.

As far as the US is concerned, I just sifted this:

Other great stuff from Bill Moyers:

*edit - what dag said. I'm kind of shocked at how any of the rich assholes that oppose public health care in the US haven't given the concept of herd immunity a single thought, or, that the opposition hasn't called them out on this. Then again I suppose the assholes expect their kids and grand-kids will be living in barb-wire fenced environments to keep the 'common folk' away.

How a Train Stays on a Track (not as simple as you thought)

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