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Sixty Symbols - Wobbly Earth

Skeeve says...

The same thing has happened to me a few times in the last week or so... not sure what's happening.>> ^RFlagg:

Regarding the Atlas of Creation, a VideoSift search would have gotten the same result:
What is odd about the Wobbly Earth video, when I tried to Sift it, 50 minutes after it was already sifted, SiftBot said it wasn't sifted yet, but after submitting and getting to the final check for Dupes part, it came up... this is the second or third video I've started to submit that wasn't sifted yet but turned out to be sifted with the same embed... Siftbot missed the John Stewart/Ron Paul sift a bit ago too though both used the same embed.

Guinness Science - Sixty Symbols

Skeeve says...

Haha, some other Trappist drinkers eh? I'm a big fan of the Westmalle Tripel myself. Though, considering its cost over here, I'm more likely to be drinking the Rutting Elk Red from the Grizzly Paw Brewery in Canmore, AB.

The Sixth Dimension - Sixty Symbols

Sixty Symbols: Crash Test Creme Eggs

Sixty Symbols: Atomic Switch (moving individual atoms)

Sixty Symbols: What is the shortest possible time?

Skeeve says...

True enough, fixed, thanks for pointing out my error.

BTW "capitol" is a building where a legislature meets, I missed "capitals".
>> ^Opus_Moderandi:

Not to split hairs but, it's Planck time, capitol "P" (for Max Planck).

Millisieverts and Radiation - Sixty Symbols

Sixty Symbols: Atomic Switch (moving individual atoms)

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Skeeve (Member Profile)

Skeeve (Member Profile)

Skeeve (Member Profile)

Skeeve (Member Profile)

Skeeve says...

Way to resurrect a 4-month-old conversation that was already rectified...
>> ^choggie:

>> ^Zifnab:
But no upvote?
In reply to this comment by Skeeve:
Ha! I have been waiting for a video like this since the first Harry Potter came out. I love that Harry Potter got lots of kids reading, but the adults who rave over it need to grow a brain. And don't even get me started on Twilight.

whatterya gonna do Zifnab?? I'd kick his ass!!

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