Acute Dupitis

I've noticed a number of people find themselves suddenly stricken with violent illness whenever someone makes a dupe invocation; Emphasis on the violence rather than the illness.

In some cases I think it's just a matter of people having emotional attachments to their videos and feeling as if you're taking something from them. I got nothing to help these people.

What I've noticed, though, is that sometimes it's because they want more people to see the video and calling dupe removes it and leaves only the older video sitting in the dark. I disagree that this is a good reason to ignore the rules, but I can't say it's a bad cause.

How about we tweak *dupeof to accommodate this? I've got two suggestions:

  1. When *isdupe is invoked and the dupe is killed, give the original a free *promote, *quality or *frontpage.
  2. Leave the dupe visible in the queue for whatever amount of time it would have been had it not been a dupe, letting it redirect to the original like it currently does.

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