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Alien_Concept Ascends to Galaxy Level!

I'm really happy to announce that one of my favourite (yes, that's the right spelling) Sifters has reached Galaxy level. I'm always amazed at the dedication required to have 2,000 sifted videos - especially as your founder is languishing around the 650 mark. I feel a real sense of gratitude and respect for people who contribute this much to our little community. Thank you Alien_Concept. I present the bespoke and solitary Alien_Concept badge!:

...more inside...

A hilarious Whose Line compilation of DC Comics-related gags - plenty of Superman and Batman references, with Ryan and Colin at their finest. YT: Being a huge fan of the DC comic universe myself, I had to cover the references and scenes they did on Whose Line that were DC comic related!

posted by Zawash 4 months 2 weeks ago • 657 views • 40:42
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