Sometimes you just need something to cheer you up

I just came home after a trip to the Vet's office with one of German Shepherds. Just her annual check-up with a few shots and a heartworm test. Somehow these always turn out to be highly stressful, for both of us. One thing Kimi (my younger shepherd) is deadly afraid of, is the scale in the vet's office.

It is in the corner, shiny and slippery, and locks up way too easily. She won't go anywhere near it. Me and 2 techs tried for 20 minutes. The spectacle included spray cheese, sliced turkey, dry treats, about 500 lbs of flying fur (she is shedding her winter fur right now), sweat, excessive panting.. We didn't get her to the scale... She is about 80lbs, too big to be picked up, and too squirmy to push, too smart to know how to get the treats wirhout stepping to the scale. It looks like that her tail weighs 3lbs though (that was the only part that got to the scale before it jammed..)

After we gave up, it was time for the shots and the blood test.  More fur flying, 2 people pinning her down and me trying to distract her with turkey and cheese. She did get her shots and they were able to draw some blood. We were all exhausted, furry, my jeans looked yellow with all the cheese smeared in them.. Thank God I don't have to go back until next year..

Then tomorrow is when I take my older, grumpier dog. She can be coaxed into the scale, but she needs to wear a muzzle, because she grrs the whole time she is in the office. The last 3 years the vet has been saying he THINKS her heart sounds fine, but he can't really hear because of the non-stopping grrrrrrrr...

Anyway! Buzzfeed always seems to have the funniest stuff, so I am trying to relax now and browse their lists

 Current LOLs go to: 


The next sites I have mentioned in VS talk posts, but they still keep me LOL'ing:


Just general fun/wtf ones:


Ok, I think I am feeling better now..

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