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bobknight33 jokingly says...

Trump lives in yo0u brain, like the tumor you have.

newtboy said:

Er Mer Gerd! It’s going to officially be Toth Senchal (or something else nonsensical) because Truth Social was denied a trademark for the name….idiots didn’t research it before naming the company, two other companies have trademarks that cover that name already. $1.5-$2 mill in debt (how!?), under investigation for securities violations, and now a forced rebranding. I thought Trump was some business genius, what happened?
Everything is falling apart in MAGA world….but you still haven’t noticed it was made of cardboard and scotch tape the whole time.

Sorry, just had to share the hilarious news.

newtboy (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

So you are against women earning a living or are you just pissed that you didn't bang her?

Flimsy at best information from a leftest smear group.

You remember that Obama white old men gay bathhouse club in Chicago.
Or is that equally fake BS?

Turd boy. slow you roll and just live in reality.

newtboy said:

Oh sweet zombie Jebus….Boebert was a hooker in Colorado and had multiple abortions. Her weak denials are less believable than Cawthorn’s, and the evidence is her “sugar daddy” page with provocative photos of her looking for “pay to play” dates, and an unreported $70000 “donation” from Ted Cruise after her sugar daddy introduced them and she visited Ted in Texas (when she was still an “unlicensed escort”).

The investigators that made this public have BEGGED her to sue them so they can depose her under oath about these charges. She’s toast.

This on top of the revelation recently that her mileage fraud, where she was reimbursed for her claim that she drove almost 40000 miles in a few months campaigning in Colorado, was perpetrated because she was bankrupt and needed $20000 to save her family restaurant (she hadn’t been paying taxes and the state was going to foreclose on her), almost exactly the amount she was overpaid for her fake travel expenses. Now under investigation.

And let’s not forget she was with her husband when he exposed his penis to two 15 year old girls in a bowling alley and defended him over it, making her complicit in child sex abuse.

This is the Trumpist heroine, his “best people”. Oof.

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bobknight33 says...

I respectively disagree.

This is the buy of the year. 40% off from its high. Not from anything Tesla has done ( or not done) but from the economic state America is going through.

I don't think this will turn around till our leadership changes in 2024

Since last qtr 2021 Tesla opened 2 Giga Factories Texas and in Germany. They are ramping up and will get full speed in 2 years. This year expect 200 thousand from these as they ramp.

Giga Shanghai was shut down and lost 50, 000 vehicles of production. They reopened fully 2 weeks ago . China economy is taking a big hit. But what isn't sold will be ship and sold elsewhere.

2022 yearly estimate production is still about 1.5 M vehicles for the year.

Wait time from order to delivery is average 7 months. Tesla increase their prices 8 times last year to keep this 7 months from getting worse.

Demand out strips supply.

Gas at 5$/gal isn't helping the ICE vehicles at all and will push EV demand even higher.

Like I said

This is the buy of the year. 40% off from its high.
Also looks like a stock split of 3 to 1 is coming. This does nothing but make it cheaper for those who would like to enter this. One can do so at a lower, affordable price point.

Buy and hold

Buy 10 shares and hold for 5 o 10 years.

My dad passed away last month on the 28th. I've been out of work tending to him and now settling the estate.

newtboy said:

Ouch. From $1222 to $702 and projected below $600. Gotta sting for anyone who took @bobknight33 ‘s advice, especially anyone “all in”.

The idea that it might bounce back like it once rose is naïve too…with serious production and labor issues and no longer being the only game in town, not even the best anymore by multiple different measurements, Tesla is looking like it’s bubble might be bursting.


JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Out of 10,000 or so people, sure there are a few had nut cases.
In the grand view this is a nothing burger.

Pure propaganda to keep Trump from running in 2024.

JiggaJonson said:

Tell me again how it was peaceful and Trump isn't responsible for whatever these people did - let me know if u spot any ANTIFA in the fascist hellscape.

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

So that decision was made with in 2 or 3 days or so after the election.

Honestly, how can 1 make such a decision in that time frame?

JiggaJonson said:

Tell me again how it was a sham election or that it was stolen. I'm not convinced, I want to hear your arguments again.

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

It’s a fantastic time to buy Tesla stock. Truly this is a “thank Joe Biden”

WRT to twitter musk trying to get a true sense of fake accounts and bots

newtboy said:

Interesting….Elon was buying Twitter in part to reinstate Trump’s account…because that would obviously increase traffic and the company’s value (he assumes).
Turns out that, in order to get investment in Truth Social (which Trump calls Troth Sential) Trump had to sign contracts promising to not only post on truth central, but to EXCLUSIVELY post on truth central. (The company buying it also had to put out a statement to investors warning them that Trump’s business record is horrible, listing the companies he ran into bankruptcy or that were deemed to be frauds but not the rest that just failed).

Not good for Musk. The Twitter fiasco, trying to buy his way into political discourse, has backfired terribly…it’s going to cost him $1 BILLION to walk away, and there’s no other option, the company is worth around 1/2 of his purchase price. That deal dragged Tesla stock down to near 1/2 its previous value. Not a good time to be all in.

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Douchebags like you are the problem.

Projection is the stock and trade of the Democrat playbook.

newtboy said:

It’s a basic fact that the right are pure projection now.
Any charge you liars make up to foist against others ALWAYS turns out to be crimes you are ACTUALLY committing yourselves, proven by convictions.

This means, to anyone including yourself, when you say “ Democrats : The party of Death, Destruction, Debauchery” we KNOW you’re saying “ Republicans : The party of Death, Destruction, Debauchery”. 👏 👏 👏

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...


have always said wrong is wrong, Vote stealing, Pedophile, Stealing, cheating.
I don't care what party they are on Wrong is wrong.

Somehow you you never find "your team" doing wrong. Odd or you just being a hypocrite?

newtboy said:

I don’t know either way yet, but what do you want to bet on John Gray's (of Goshen Ohio, look it up) political leanings?
(Hint: He’s the Goshen Ohio school board president just caught trying to meet an 11 year old for sex, a charge which he admitted on camera was true.)

I’m pretty certain he’s going to turn out to be Republican, over well over 2/3 of his district is.
Gentleman’s bet?

Party of debauchery, eh? Ever heard the saying “he who smelt it, dealt it”?

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Cheney is 1 of the "others"

Both sides have its share of undesirables.

Term limits should be a must, but we have "the fox watching the hen house" so this will never happen.

newtboy said:

Not true, you used to praise them…especially Yertle….but your memory has never been your strong suit.
Not Cheney? Or did you just forget who to hate?
Sad for you the (anti) freedom caucus that I know you love is likely going to be ineligible to hold office…Cawthorn only escaped by redistricting the plaintiffs out of his district and technically invalidating their lawsuit….another is probably in the pipeline. MTG’s was given the green light in court yesterday….bye Felicia.

You might be shocked to hear….Pelosi….and any others over 70. That should be forced retirement time, for judges and presidents too….no control over a society when you won’t have to see it deal with the consequences of your actions, says I.

Senima and Manchin too… neither of which have ever been Democrats, they’re secret Q nut jobs and on the take big time.
Edit: literally minutes after writing that I found Senima’s latest poll numbers in her district….17% approval, 75% disapproval! It looks like I’ll get that wish at least.

Also, Al Frankenstein needs to be replaced…re-placed back in office. He should never have left. He wasn’t just funny, he’s smart as fuck and knowledgeable too.

When Gas Prices Are Too High Even For Motorcycles

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Mitch is a RINO with a Chinese wife.
He needed to leave decades ago.

newtboy said:

This is you party? This is you pick…. over America, democracy, and decency?

You choose the Anti-American, Anti-democracy failed wannabe conmanarch (just coined that word, not a typo) and his self serving hypocritical directionless sycophants over democracy and rule of law?…and you really think anyone believes you’re even an American, much less a patriot? No one here thinks that, not for a decade +.

It is to laugh.

PS…..Bayraktar, comrade. I hope they’ve taken out some of your close family by now….more neonazi russian scumbags turned to compost….the best thing they ever did.

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

which is it...........
Fake slanted taken out of context news by your side of never Trumpers.

newtboy said:

LMFAHS!! Did you hear Trump’s latest Fox interview/call in when he berated the host for telling people about OUR amphibious attacks during our current invasion of Ukraine?!? Complaining she was giving away state secrets by reporting troop movements. (These were reports on the Russian amphibious attacks, btw).

Q: which is it….does Trump think the US is invading Ukraine, who he considers an enemy, or did he forget that he’s not supposed to be on Russia’s side….or does he not know where he is or what’s happening and is just blathering in his confused dementia?

Why I’m ALL-IN On Tesla Stock

bobknight33 says...

Duly noted.

Sift animosity aside, given and taken. I truly desire all to succeed.

Your statements about the economy as a whole applies to all, whether they diversify or solely own just 3 stocks or less.

I don't fear a crash of 87 or 2008. But your are right the ground beneath us is shaking. Having belief in our leaders and FED to do the the right thing is a is half harted. Even if they choose a proper corrective path it will be a bumpy ride.

You are right I am forward thinking and willing to take a few hard bumps over the next 10 years. I believe the upside is worth this risk.

I don't want a japan crash that took 25+ years to recover, or a 1929 crash which took 10 years and war to recover.

Every hard crash recovers, eventually.

If things go bad I will exit. Granted no one has perfect timing and neither do I. Will I loose 20 30% probably.

I do watch markets daily.

I'm 60 with 2 years left on the house mortgage. I will have a GE pension and hopefully some SS. Granted inflation can eat that 4K/month away but it will still help. Also I would continue to work.

And if that's not enough at least the house will be paid for and I will eat PB and J. or rice and beans.

StukaFox said:

Bob, please read this carefully. I know we fuck around a lot here, but I 100% honestly don't want to see you get hurt financially.

Obviously, if you believe in TSLA, I understand you putting your money where your mouth is (full disclosure: I'm holding POTX and CURLF, so I'm on the same page with what I'm saying on this) but PLEASE don't bet money you don't have on TSLA.

“At 10-times revenues, to give you a 10-year payback (P/E 10, my note), I must pay you 100% of revenues for 10-straight years in dividends. That assumes I can get that by my shareholders. It also assumes I have zero cost of goods sold, which is very hard for a computer company.

That assumes zero expenses, which is hard with 39,000 employees. That assumes I pay no taxes, which is very hard. And that expects you pay no taxes on your dividends, which is kind of illegal. And that assumes with zero R&D for the next 10-years, I can maintain the current revenue run rate.

Now, having done that, would any of you like to buy my stock at $64? Do you realize how ridiculous those underlying assumptions are? You don’t need any transparency. You don’t need any footnotes.

What were you thinking?”

-- Scott McNealy was the CEO of Sun Microsystems

At the peak of the Dot-Com, roughly 30 stocks in the NASDAQ 100 traded above 10 P/E. Today ALL stocks in the DAQ do: the average P/E is ~25.5.

TSLA is at a P/E of 175.

There is no American economy. There hasn't been since since October 3 of 2008. Things got catastrophically worse on September 17th of 2019 when the repo market came within hours of completely locking up in a catastrophe that would have made AIG look like a rounding error. The Fed was forced to firehose astronomical amounts of money into the system to keep this from happening and this was before Covid.

In Jan of 2021, there was $2.6 TRILLION in Zombie Debt out there. That's $2.6 TRILLION on the verge of default at 2021 interest rates. The Fed is now in a horrific position: raise rates and watch massive defaults explode like financial nukes, or keep rates steady and watch inflation implode the economy.

People don't understand how bad this is and how much worse it can get. If the Fed has to raise rates by 500 BP -- and Christ fucking help us if they do -- the first order defaults will be the worst in Capitalist history and the second and third order effects could very well be the nightmare scenario we came within 36 hours of in 2008.

Save your money, Bob. Cash is king. And fuck BTC.

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