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Police Slashing Tires At Protests

Police Slashing Tires At Protests

vil jokingly says...

The land of the free.

Why not just shoot random people if making looking for evidence easier is the main objective? It would definitely stop those pesky demonstrators.

Seriously what happens next? Who pays for this?

What "defund the police" really means

vil says...

Badly run institution and stupid/uninformed public.

Reform doesnt say enough.



Retrain or rehire would help.

Switch it off and back on again. Best fix ever.

Why This British Crossroads Is So Dangerous

vil says...

Solar powered traffic cams with, you know, internets and stuff?
Or kickstarter the 100k and stagger the junction right now.

Infectious Disease Expert on the seriousness of Coronavirus

vil says...

The mortality rate depends on how many respirators per number of people you have in a given location.

Also on how accessible those respirators are.

Italy apparently fared worse than China. Wuhan province fared worse than Italy.

The World's Biggest Gear Reduction

vil says...

On a par with shuffling a deck of cards. Incredible how easily one can achieve practical infinity.

Quantum Supremacy & AI, with Stephen Fry.

How Nestle Makes Billions Bottling Free Water

vil says...

Do they make billions? Do they make hundreds of millions? Do they make tens of millions? Is revenue the same thing as profit? Who cares? Do they pay for the water they pump? Could they be charged more? Would they pump somewhere else? Why do people buy bottled water over drinking tap water?

Protest! Big bad corporation!

David Attenborough on how to save the planet

vil says...

Dont blame "capitalism", blame humans, civilisation. Some countries, communities, families are able to create institutions and rules that span generations and centuries without destroying their livelihoods. Call it capitalism if you must, but the only way for humans to survive it is if they are allowed to make meaningful decisions and shoulder the responsibility for those decisions.

I lived in a "communist" country and I can inform you that shit was removed from rivers, sulfur from power station smoke and lead from car exhaust gasses only after it reverted to a form of constitutional democratic individualistic "capitalism".

All it takes is some basic rules about shit and rivers and a will either free, or imposed by institutions, to abide.

Some big rich countries have good rules and institutions, some dont. Most poor countries dont and that is a real problem. If you cant afford to put shit anywhere else it has to go in the river.

cosmovitelli said:

Unfortunately in an individualistic capitalist system the guy who's feeding his family by pouring shit in the river will fight you tooth and nail irrespective of what it means for the planet. Every other asshole is doing it why should he starve? This is why the more socially minded countries are the ones who can control themselves, as everyone feels they have a stake in it and they know they won't starve.. unfortunately the big rich countries are by definition plunderers running on greed and desperation.

We're Collectively Using Escalators Wrong

vil says...

Load of rubbish. If a crowd forms at the entry to an escalator typically people start standing on both sides. 30 percent of efectivity (percentage points fly around a lot in this video) are not worth the loss of personal freedom. Some people insist on forcing their social engineering on everyone for small apparent economic advantages for who? Escalator makers? Their own personal ego warming? Look ma, my escalator is 30 percent more efficient than Bobs! Yes but half of your escalated people are unhappy because they cant walk and the other half dont care either way! So lets all be nice to each other if possible and let walkers walk and standers stand, OK? Which is BTW the result of the mentioned experiments.

Michael Palin in North Korea - Special Edition

vil says...

North Koreans are not evil, they are human, just the regime is evil, the institutions, the people running the institutions, they are fairly high on the evil scale. Friends with Trump though.

Makes no sense to feel sorry for them if they, as a state, can and do build rockets that fly out past Japan and keep an army... yadda yadda yadda...

Michael Palin in North Korea - Special Edition

English vs. German vs. Swiss German (Zurich and Valais)

Why You Should Care About the Plastic in Your Poop

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

vil says...

If you are rich you obviously need to steal more to make stealing meaningful.

Also if you are hiding that you are not so rich you need to steal more.

On the other hand the girl has glaring holes in her logic but a very good sales technique. Now who does that remind me of?

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