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sbchapm says...

Well, every time I click it, I half expect someone to have sent it to blog or something, but so far, no complaints. I guess the absurdity outweighs the pornography--there's probably an equation out there. I agree. Very funny.

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If only every porno had this much production value.

And I never would have dared to post this, but the first time I saw this, I laughed my ass off. I still do.

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sbchapm says...

I know what you mean. You bring a cool vid up that no one has seen lately, and it has to be retired. EVEN THOUGH it got more votes than the first one. When you think about it, what's so bad about dupes in this case? Anyway, sorry to have to point it out.


In reply to your comment:
Aw, crap sb, I just noticed this is a dupe Way to burst my bubble!

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sbchapm says...

Well, it did die in cue as I thought it might, but that baby has such a place in Internet videos for me and others I think. Later.

In reply to your comment:
hah, so you noticed. I might save it later

In reply to your comment:
This is the kind of baby that gets a negative vote and a favorite from the same voter. Powerful baby.

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