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How Do Dragonflies See The World?

rancor says...

I guess that's why, when bugs are bothering our face/hair, we flail around haplessly while the bugs always seem to get away with it. Are most bugs like this, then? Does it have more to do with creature size than specific evolved traits?

Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle

rancor says...

I'm surprised they still have all their fingers. I feel like they make these videos while ignoring basic safety considerations just to make the viewer more nervous.

Smoking vs Vaping

Professor Hunter- Epic Chemistry Teacher

Thoughts about idealogical political boundaries - Hank Green

The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained - CGP Grey

rancor says...

Never having read any of the Tolkien books, I made the questionable decision to read the Silmarillion before any of the other books (except the Hobbit). I gained one distinct advantage in reading through the LOTR books in that I already knew almost all of the stories that are only briefly told by the various characters. But was it worth it? Yes, though only the second half of the book was really captivating for me.

Sadly, some quick google searching indicates that the Silmarillion is still owned by the Tolkien estate who doesn't appreciate PJ's treatment of the LOTR/Hobbit. Maybe someday another studio/director might get the chance...

Prejudice & Discrimination: Crash Course Psychology #39

Genius Redneck Couch Moving

rancor says...

"Ah TOLD yew!"

EDIT: I literally gasped out loud when I realized they weren't trying to use the sandbagged lines to somehow retard the descent of the couch in a straight-down descent (which obviously would have failed).

You Probably Don't Need to Be on that Gluten-free Diet

rancor says...

Also... it's not legitimate demand since it's based on misunderstandings and/or lies. That's the easy reason. Marketing 101 baby!

charliem said:

These people are admitting themselves to doctors and hospitals because they are causing more harm than good.

Thats your taxpayer dollars hard at work.

Who cares? The taxpayers should care....a healthy society is a healthy economy.......econ 101 baby.

Numberphile: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... = -1/12

rancor says...

Geez, guys, this isn't wrong, you're just nitpicking on notation or trying to apply conventional wisdom to a counterintuitive proof. If it's so wrong why does everyone who does math or physics professionally have the same incorrect opinion about it!

1 - 1 + 1 - 1 + 1 ... = ?

rancor says...

Actually, you're the one making an unwarranted logical leap by assuming you can apply standard arithmetic logic to an infinite series. In the vid, it's done to explore the issue but it does not qualify as mathematical proof.

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