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Buddhism is Kinda Out There, Man

Police Slashing Tires At Protests

oblio70 jokingly says...

I KNEW there was a really good reason for all that! Thanks.

newtboy said:

Cop logic: If you are near a march against abusive racist police you hate all police and we hate you....and since we have masks on and immunity for our actions, we're going to fuck up your life in every way we can and blame protesters....
....because we're the good guys.

What "defund the police" really means

oblio70 says...

How about:
“De-Uniform the Police”

The message will never get through, though. We are what we eat, media-wise, and the majority of us consumes our daily-doses from sources only possible from “elites” money/influence. To be sure, that media does not stray from the path, to or fro, so if it’s not in their lexicon, it’s less likely to be in ours as well.

But if one can assume for a moment that there is indeed a rational thought to “Defund the Police”, one may then begin to identify alternatives not previously considered.

Is too much money going unchecked to the Police? Are too many tasks being relegated to police action? Are certain villains entrenched within the ranks? Is reform ever really going to work? Is it just that damned Uniform (play on word “un-informed”)? Or those boots? All of these are valid questions we should each have answers to, and more, if we can just start talking about it finally.

My gripe is about the Police Union, that keep the secrets and perpetuate the misdeeds of “bad apples”, kinda like the clergy has done with their pedos. And the Boy Scouts?

Florsheim - One Of The Most Expensive Restorations

oblio70 says...

He’s kinda like the Mr. Rogers of tradeworkers. I found myself blissed out and open minded just listening this demonstration of something I’d never thought about before.

The Engineering of Droplets

Will This Trick Your Ears?

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The Art of Making a Nixie Tube

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

oblio70 says...

thanks...Michaela was our first child, born 2004, with HLHS (basically, no left ventricle and closed aorta, and a number of holes in the heart), and we quite literally lived in Hospital for close to half the year for the whole time. We are incredibly lucky to still be together through "all this", and this is coming from 6 years after her death...and the effects/affects keep a'coming. But through it all, if we didn't experience it directly, we knew someone who did. [personal micro-example: nurse preyed, hospital lock-down/police protection, then suicide...uh...]

doubt that clarified anything...sorry.

bareboards2 said:

Can't say I understood all this.

And thanks for sharing.

Give the kid a noogie from a stranger, will you?

The Perfectionist Trap

oblio70 says...

Here's an example of a project we'd have 2-weeks to finish:

A Space for 2 people to live out their life-cycle together.
Site: Desert (Southwest US)
- mass-based passive heating/cooling w/ profound southern views
- brise-soleil with morning privacy
- compost privy as hearth of house

about 3 years of projects like this, fast-fast-fast, with our Senior Thesis being a year-long self-initiated/directed exercise. Fluidity and broad gestures were rewarded...but not as we were discover in the "real world".

The Perfectionist Trap

oblio70 says...

Back in Design Studio (Arch), my prolific friend described the differences in our approaches to me so well.

The project was a target out in the wilderness, and at the start, he'd shut his eyes and start shooting wildly at the location of the target, only to open his eyes and see that it had been moving the whole time.

I, however as he saw me, would look for the mechanisms that kept the thing in motion, take one shot and disarm it completely, as I lined up my crosshairs...only to be met by the sound of the buzzer. Time.

It was time to change...he had 3-5 "false" solutions, whereas I had the thing (supposedly) solved, but not fully complete most of the time...stuck in my head, where it did no good. I had lost out on so much experience with the potential for developing wisdom. I had to learn to stop seeking Truth, whatever that may be, and run with truth as what was at hand, if that makes sense.

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oblio70 says...

Many thanks, chief. So happy to be a part of this particular community.

"I enjoy playing the band as the band. I 'be' the whole band and I'm playing the drums, I'm playing the guitar, I'm playing the saxophone. To me, the most wonderful thing about playing music is that."
~Chick Corea

chicchorea said:

Happy Birthday Michael.

May it be the best yet.


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