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Why Were the First Cars Electric?

How To SteamPunk Anything - Nerf Gun

my15minutes says...

always enjoy these kind of videos. adam savage also has a bunch of great ones on his tested channel, that include a lot of great advice on materials and methods.

one tiny revision i'd offer, would be to include the name of the composer of the score, just ahead of the performer. completely understandable, of course, since you're properly quoting the youtube source description, which didn't include it, so unless you're a classical music fan, you'd never realize.

"Clair de Lune" ("Moonlight") was written by French composer Claude Debussy. Peter Schmalfuss was the performer of this recording.

nice sift! thanks for tossing it up here!

What makes something right or wrong? Narrated by Stephen Fry

my15minutes says...

i simply ask those people, "do you believe slavery is wrong?"

because the only mention of slavery that i'm aware of in the bible, is that you should treat your slaves well.
not only is that not a condemnation, it's tacit approval.

so if religion is the source of morality, how do you know slavery is wrong?

even just using god's name as a swear word makes the top ten list of hell-worthy offenses, but one of the most barbaric crimes i can imagine doesn't, and it even gets an implied thumbs-up in the fine print?

religion is not the source of anyone's morality.
it's the enforcement system we invented, for those of us so morally bankrupt that they can't see a good deed as its own reward.

Sagemind said:

I've seen the people who claim that morality comes from religion, and that without religion, we wouldn't know right from wrong.

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my15minutes says...

> I showed my friends the GW2 beta yesterday and they all scoffed at me "It's just a WoW rip off!"

of course they did.
as if WoW invented MPOGs, and not a ripoff of anything?

what better vested interest could they have, for saying so, than having now spent many $100's, on just 1 video game?
any game that charges to play is the ultimate ripoff.

tell your friends that, and bask in their dull gaze while the gears turn,
trying to rejustify it & think of a response.

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my15minutes says...

aloha, lucky -
can't seem to get an embed working.
i just submitted this:
...but none of the videos i try to embed:
...ever actually show up in the frame once i validate & save changes.

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