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Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME (How Pulleys Work)

Hasan Minhaj Calls Out Congress Over Student Loans

The Black Community Destroys Trumps Racism In One Video

moonsammy says...

Gotta love that cognitive dissonance. "If you don't like America, leave!" "Make America Great Again!" These views are directly contradictory, plus who the fuck has said they don't like America? It's a pretty huge logical leap to interpret "Trump's a racist / idiot / Russian asset" as "I hate America."

Also, the whole "go back where you came from" is straight-up inarguably racist when it's only ever directed at non-white people. It's extra racist when they're already living in the country they were born in. Sorry various non-white men in this video, but you saying Trump isn't racist doesn't magically erase all of the racist shit which has come out of his mouth / twitter.

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

moonsammy says...

Good for them! I love that the people in charge of his legacy seem to care so much about keeping it "pure" to the degree they're able. I'm certain a ton of these will be on sale eventually, but for now I'm happy they exist entirely outside the world of art collecting.

Pop Music is Stuck on Repeat -- Colin Morris

How does a whip break the sound barrier?

Average Pool Player Trying Corey Deuel's Famous Draw Shot

moonsammy says...

See, I'm over here thinking I'd be thrilled just to pocket the 4. That would probably already be a good dozen attempts in for me.

The History Guy: Fall from an SR-71

Spinning Sphere of Molten Sodium

Will This Trick Your Ears?

What makes this song great? Nine Inch Nails

moonsammy says...

I'm certain I've heard this song at least 100 times as NIN has always been one of my favorites, and there were quite a few sounds in there which I'd never identified. Time to crank up a high quality version on some decent headphones...

3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal

moonsammy says...

Good post - I absolutely agree that it's vital for people to be well-informed about all possible consequences of what they choose to put into their body.

Also, I counted three Adventure Time references.

Sharpest Rice Knife, in the world...

Words That End in "an"

The Many Voices of Peter Cullen

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