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Officer Friendly is NOT your friend

grinter says...

Immoral, disrespectful, and dishonorable behaviors are not necessarily illegal.

There may be a place for trickery in police work. That place is not "whenever you encounter someone with a frisbee golf bag". We share videos like this, because we see a pattern of excessive trickery and intimidation on the part of police. That needs to change, whether it is legislation, new policies, or enforcement of existing policies that ultimately bring this change.

lantern53 said:

The courts have ruled that police officers can bluff. You can call it lying. Ever play poker?

Damn those courts again, right?

Why is ketchup so hard to pour? - George Zaidan

grinter says...

..maybe if it were a TED talk?
but, yeah in general, the quality of TED talks has plummeted. That could have something to due with all of the TEDx talks, and with people trying to emulate the 'TED style'.. which has just become annoying.

artician said:

This is the biggest waste and worst excuse of a TED talk ever.

Can You Solve This? - Veritasium

grinter says...

Definitely... it's like he had some result in mind, and then only showed the data which supported that result.

There is no way that so many people in a row didn't get this.

Stormsinger said:

I suspect some cherry picking, in who got included in the final clip.

Guy shows off His new Robotic Hand

True Facts About The Armadillo

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Cork Harvesting

grinter says...


artician said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't quite understand it. Do they acquire the cork material from the bark only? And then let the living tree replenish itself?

Amazing Animal Defenses -- VSauce

not_blankfist (Member Profile)

Undercover "Disabled Tour Guides" At Disneyland

Turning Sound Into Light - Minute Physics

grinter says...

To clarify, mantis shrimp don't create sonoluminescence in the same way that pistol shrimp do, by "squeezing their claws together". They create it when the smack things, like snails, really hard with their raptorial appendages.

Another interesting angle to think about: We have all of this scientific interest in sonoluminescence, and the host of cool hypotheses mentioned, not just because it's cool. ..but because, among other things, the Navy REALLY wants to understand the process of cavitation, and throws money at research on the subject. Why? because ship and submarine propellers also create cavitation, and they want to create war machines that are not loud and whose propellers last longer.

Caterpillar Speed Trick

True Facts About the Aye Aye

grinter says...

Aye ayes totally amaze me... and scare me...
"tap, tap, tap" with that finger that looks like the hook Egyptians used to pull your brain out through your nose.
Then "CrunX", those teeth bite right through your face... yikes.
Seriously, these things can bite right into a coconut, and then causally scoop the jelly out with that freaky finger.
-tree zombies

How To Make Antivenom

Why do British and American spellings differ?

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