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Can You Solve the Bridge Riddle?

garmachi says...

It took so long to set up that I didn't try to work it out and simply waited 3 seconds for the answer, which by the way, was very clever!

Anyone try to do the math first?

How To Sound Smart By Giving a TED Talk About Nothing

garmachi says...

I'm going to reflexively click the up-arrow and give you a point because you already have a bunch of points. I can tell because your text is bigger.

lucky760 said:

I'm going to write a comment about the video I just watched. It's going to attempt to be witty and perhaps absurd that includes a joke with a punchline intended to be a misdirect. I'll consider something that gets my point across, but is generally neutral and not too inflammatory so as not to rile up people who may have a strong opposing opinion, while still attempting to pander to and entertain those who agree strongly with my school of thought.

I'd like to come up with a great play on words that will catch everyone's attention, preferably something short and memorable, but the fact that the comment has already gone on this long is going to result in all my aspirations for it falling flat.

I'd like to conclude by executing an *invocation, but I know I'll get distracted and submit before I include it, and of course you can't invoke when editing, so I'll just leave the post un-invoked then re-read and re-re-read it and edit again and again trying to improve upon it and hoping I don't come across as a total dipshit, but knowing absolutely that's exactly how I'm coming across.

Why people from northern Sweden sound like vacuum cleaners

garmachi says...

I still don't know "why" though. They show a few examples, but never really get into the reason?

"I don't have to open my mouth..." isn't right either. You can clearly see her opening her mouth!

When You Burn Fat, Where Does it Go?

garmachi says...

I hate this style of editing.

1. Halfway through the final word or a sentence, zoom in.
2. Halfway through the final word of the next sentence, zoom out.
3. Goto 1.

Hottest Year Ever (Global Warming Hiatus) - SciShow

garmachi says...

This guy's editing style drives me bananas. He speaks one sentence, cuts to a zoom to interrupt himself with the next sentence, then he interrupts that sentence, and again cuts to a zoom out to speak the next sentence. Repeat.

GeeSussFreeK (Member Profile)

longde (Member Profile)

garmachi says...

Thank you for taking the time to defend your position on the spanking issue so well. You and I don't agree, but after reading some of the comments on this girl's youtube channel, our conversation today reinforces in my mind what a strong and mature community the Sift can be. If you really want to peel back the scab on humanity and see something horrible, spend about ten minutes in any comments thread over there.

Also, I hope none of my remarks upset you; I've been known to go a bit heavy on the sarcasm at times.


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