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The Pinkman Goo Strain - Strain Stories

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

artician says...

It sounds crazy, but I think it was a product of the brightness, like holding up a flashlight to your hand.
That's not to diminish what they experienced, but I don't think it's as unnatural or bizarre as how it's related here.

eric3579 said:

Being able to see the bones in your hands. That's some crazy shit. *promote

The Secret Code in Central Park Lamp Posts

artician says...

I don't know who would remember this system, but it's probably more accessible to people who live there.
From an outsiders perspective: just put some arrows.

How To Be More Productive

Your Amazing Molecular Machines

artician says...

Whoever is at the cross-section between the comprehension of the biology behind this, and the direction of the visuals, is really gifted.

Smarter Every Day - A Chameleon Tongue Crushing Crickets

Worst Prison Experiments Conducted on Humans

The Science Guy Vs Twitter Twits

artician says...

Me too.

Does anyone know if the test animals that have been used in those experiments were studied over multiple generations, and how many generations were observed?

toferyu said:

Too bad for that last one on organic food... kind of lessened my trust in the previous answers.

This musical illusion will blow your mind!

Isolation - Mind Field (Ep 1)

artician says...

1 minute in, and I can't get over how he's seemingly adopted the style of dress from the film "Her".

This was interesting, and I'm glad to see him get what seems like his own show, but the "reality TV" formula makes it almost unwatchable.

Cool test though.

Primitive Technology: Planting Cassava and Yams

Muslim Vikings and Magic Letters

Explaining Trump's Immigration Executive Order -vlogbrothers

artician says...

I wonder how much of this executive order was only to allow more discrimination? That really doesn't feel like a realistic, presidential goal, though, even for Trump.

Toonami - A History of Broadcast Anime

CrazyRussianHacker shows a simple way to make clear ice

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