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The World's Biggest Gear Reduction

Payback says...

From what I understand, no one will be. Counting from the big bang, the estimated heat death of the universe happens at googol years anyway, so we're a trillion or so years too late to start now.

BSR said:

Guess I won't be around for the celebration.

The World's Biggest Gear Reduction

Payback says...

A billion computers, counting a billion numbers a second, will take 10 to the 74 power years to count to googol. To give you some sense of the ridiculousness of this scale, the current accepted age of the universe is 10 to the 9th years.

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Payback says...

Possibly trivial, but I'd think doing by hand with no calibration would be tiresome and possibly add in errors. It's still evolutionary if not revolutionary.

kir_mokum said:

i'm sure i'm missing something but this seems like a trivial thing to do.

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