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Florsheim - One Of The Most Expensive Restorations

Florsheim - One Of The Most Expensive Restorations

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DIY Solid Perfume | Solid Cologne

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Update: I was very sick for about 10 days. May or may not have been CV19, but I won't know until we get antibody tests here. Wife got sick but not as bad. Doctor told us not to come in unless we couldn't breathe.

Once I started feeling better, things were crazy around Austin so I didn't get online. Was planning on posting soon, but I just broke my wrist/radius in fall yesterday. I can only type with my non dominant hand and controlling my mouse is nigh impossible. In a cast now for 3-4 weeks. I hope all of you are safe and well. See you soon I hope.

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This Black Box Reads RFID Cards in Your Pocket - LPL

Dunmore Rural Fire Service - Currowan Fire Overrun/Burnover

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Colbert Explains Beyonce's 'Lemonade' to White People

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