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Majortomyorke says...

I'll be sad to see you go Constitutional_Patriot, as I truly get something from your posts and comments.

If it were up to me, I'd prefer you to stay and continue contributing.

If you decide to go, thank you for your commentary and submissions, you have absolutely been an inspiring mark in the VS community.

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Majortomyorke says...

Thanks for noticing

Must be the goldie oldie club, I've been sitting at 49 star points since the dawn of time. Issykitty and Laura decided to go through some of my pqueued, which resulted in the bumping of my ego and rank. I'll only be able to take over VS at the mercy and will of my fellow sifters, it seems.

In reply to this comment by EDD:
Cheers on reaching the new milestone! Well deserved and a warm welcome to the goldie club!
p.s. don't tell any diamonds how we're taking VS over, okey dokey?

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Majortomyorke says...

Thanks, I appreciate it. It is a Nova PBS broadcast, IMO it's hard for those to be anything but good.

In reply to this comment by jonny:
I use bookmarks to flag vids for watching later, and I don't vote before watching (been burned a couple times on that). But if it doesn't make it out, and I do like it, you can be sure I'll save it.

In reply to this comment by Majortomyorke:
I see you bookmarked the video I just submitted on Epigentics, as this would make for my 10th video if it makes it, please consider upvoting it =)

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