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CGP Grey: NOT the Confederate Flag

GenjiKilpatrick says...

@Lawdeedaw are you trying to make a point? or just being a dickhead?

Should I list a bunch of names that have been changed for precisely those reasons?

You mentioned Russia.. as in USSR Eastern Bloc Russia.. so.. yeah.

Pointlessly snarky much?

CGP Grey: NOT the Confederate Flag

CGP Grey: NOT the Confederate Flag

GenjiKilpatrick says...

In all seriousness.. this.

We should totally draft a new flag. Change the name of the country.

And start trying to make up for all the awful shit that's been done.

Kalle said:

Time to ditch the stars and stripes aswell while your at it.. All that slavery and indian genocide were done under that flag aswell...

Is reality real? Call of Duty May Have the Answer

GenjiKilpatrick says...

So if someone is gonna make a simulation of the universe..

It would likely be some Fermi Lab scientist who wanted to study the Big Bang.

They would reverse engineer the expansion of the universe as much as possible..

[ a thing that's already been done and being tweaked to get even better Planck length "resolution", as it were ]

And once they got the best estimations..

Would dump all those rules and variables into a quantum computer and run sim after sim, checking to see WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END!

Much like The Game of Life sim developed by mathematician John Conway.

Is reality real? Call of Duty May Have the Answer

GenjiKilpatrick says...


You're either trollin' or just real thick.

Yes, the simulation could in start an arbitrary place.
Yes, the devs could pre-programmed our knowledge of historical events.

That's besides the point, you're missing the point.

One philosophical tool we humans use to analyze the world is called - Occam's Razor.

Meaning, hypotheses that are overly complex should be simplified to their bare minimum in order to draw the best conclusions.

You COULD make a simulation with pre-programmed historical events.. and procedurally generated galaxies..

but that's even complex than simply setting up a few simple rules and variables.. and letting that simulation play out.


It's much more likely that any civilization advance enough to create such simulations...

Would probably be extinct or too busy living in utopia to do so.

AGAIN, a point the author of the video concede MANY times.

Is reality real? Call of Duty May Have the Answer

GenjiKilpatrick says...

You clearly have a misconception of the theories being discussed here.
Not being rude or anything

Even the Matrix was a continuously running program, that only crashed & rebooted occasionally.

So don't think it the theory as a videogame with logins and save states..

It's more like.. popping in a dvd and watching until the end.

The big bang is when you pressed play.

So while, I guess, you could pause without anything knowing the simulation was paused..

If you stopped and started, that would create an entire collapse of the universe and another big bang..

So yeah, not World of Warcraft.

More like Cookie Clicker
..with browser cookies disabled..
close the window and you'll have to start from scratch.

robdot said:

if you are living in a simulation, then there were no dinosaurs,,,see?

Is reality real? Call of Duty May Have the Answer

GenjiKilpatrick says...

Realistically recreating human consciousness - along with every event in the universe - is no small task.

It would require:

- quantum computing
- a data storage room the size of texas (if not all north america)
- easily more energy than is consumed by the entire planet in a year

So stating - "only one person would need to experience that simulation".. like saying - "you would only need one person",

to recreate the Great Wall & Pyramids & Grand Canyon & Himalayas, etcetera..

Sure, I guess. But the amount of time & energy make it extremely improbable.

..Much more likely the civilization would collapse first.

The guy even concedes that point multiple times.

robdot said:

you would only need to make the simulation,,,for one person..

Is reality real? Call of Duty May Have the Answer

GenjiKilpatrick says...

He seem pretty confident about a bunch of theoretical stuff..

Wouldn't you need an enormously powerful computer to stimulate a universe?

In what reality or universe does that computer exist?

Aren't we right back at the "big bang doesn't work because what happened before it" paradox?

Interesting.. but sorta silly.

I feel like the Tenth Dimension theory explain things better.

What Does Your PEE Say About You?

What Does Your PEE Say About You?

Payback (Member Profile)

GenjiKilpatrick says...

As a "black person" .. fuck off.

If you wanna pick a fight with me, i can get all in your shit too.

Tho I try to save most of my vitriol for folks who really deserve it, like Lantern.

But there's plenty to go around.

Seriously, back off.

p.s. -

If you really want to whine about how your offended when someone calls "white people" on your white privilege..

Payback said:

As a "white person" I'm somewhat insulted by you characterizing me with the racists, thanks.

***and before you say anything about my avatar, it's a young NdGT and I'm being facetious with it.

Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly?

kevingrr (Member Profile)

GenjiKilpatrick says...

Bobknight is an unabashed racist and bigot.

He has a predetermined narrative his head that centers around Liberals, Democrats & Blacks being inferior.

Even if we did agree on a topic, he'd find some way to blame Liberals for it.

He's a fucking nutter.
He's never contributed anything insightful or meaningful to the community here.

He should be perma-banned because literally everything he says on this site is a racist, bigoted, anti-progressive jab.

Bobknight and Lantern can go eat a dick.

Now, would you like to hear how I really feel?

Portmantout: A portmanteau of every English word

GenjiKilpatrick says...

Holy hell. That started off kinda boring.. but then got craaazy interesting.

Cool topic. Definitely shows the possibilities of where coding skills can take you, as well as the power of computing.

Obamacare and the Underinsured

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