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Casually Explained: The English Language

Kelp Forest Decimation Ends Abalone Fishing

Heat Shrink Self-Solder Butt Splice Connectors

ForgedReality says...

So, once you've finished, slide some opaque heat shrink over it. No biggie.

Hipnotic said:

Awesome, but transparent tubing? I'd be scared of touching it, 'cause what if the tubing has chafed off and the bare wire is exposed? You wouldn't know.

Facts I Learned At School Which Aren't True Any More

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

A handy guide to what actually constitutes sexual harassment

Cosmic Discovery: A Kilonova has been seen 4 the first time

ForgedReality jokingly says...

Quickly? Pfft. If you call 130,000,000 years late "early," I'd hate to be your boss, having to lecture you every day about coming in on time.

eric3579 said:

Amazing how quickly all of the different observers/telescopes/satellites needed, were on point almost instantly *quality

The Biggest Hydrogen Bomb Dropped Compared To Other Bombs

The 600-Year-Old Sword Found in Texas

Did Robert Johnson really sell his soul to the Devil?

Hitting the Sun is HARD

ForgedReality says...

Wha... Is that... Is someone watching Seinfeld?

poolcleaner said:

TWANG TWA TWANG TWAAANNGGG TWA TWANG TWA TWA WWAANNNNGGG.............!! *on my bass in my backyard, right outside your window*

Hitting the Sun is HARD

David Vaughan Wants to Save the World

ForgedReality says...

Grow it in clean water, throw it in dirty water and expect it to propagate. Good plan. The shit died for a reason. Good luck fixing the fucked up ocean.

Indestructible Coating?

Adam Ruins Everything - Why Facebook Isn’t Free

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