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One Policy That Impacts Coronavirus Math

The parrots that understand probabilities

ChaosEngine says...

Keas are awesome. They're really cool and will actually open backpacks to get at your lunch.

I have no idea why NZ went with a boring flightless bird as the national animal when they have keas available.

GIANTS - Whale sharks of Isla Mujeres

Plane Ran Out of Fuel at 41,000 Feet. Here's What Happened.

ChaosEngine says...

I’m sorry, how the hell does this actually happen?

Do planes seriously not have a fuel gauge? I would hope there is a nit more of a warning system than the engines shutting off.

I am amazed they could even take off, frankly.

How Not to Put Out a Metal Fire - with Steve Mould

Kurzgesagt - Is Organic Food Really Better or is It a Scam?

ChaosEngine says...

Part of the problem with “organic” food (nonsense term, all food is organic by definition) is the fear-mongering around GMOs.

GMOs are going to be a big part of how we feed a population of 7 billion plus. Between the increased yield and lower requirement for pesticides, they have undeniable benefits.

Average Pool Player Trying Corey Deuel's Famous Draw Shot

The Science of Racism

ChaosEngine says...

You’re talking about racism at an individual level, but these days most people acknowledge the more significant problem is systemic or institutional racism.

If some redneck thinks they’re better than a rich black dude, it doesn’t really matter. But it absolutely matters that the system is stacked against black people. The power imbalance is important.

newtboy said:

Power has nothing to do with it, it's belief in superiority/inferiority based on heritage. Lots of ignorant uneducated poor white trash think they're better than Tyler Perry despite the fact that he has infinitely more power by almost every measure.


ChaosEngine says...

Funny, I started watching this thinking the same thing Destin did.... "I'm an experienced diver... I'm super comfortable being underwater, even upside down and in enclosed spaces"

and then they talked about letting your sinuses flood... and my brain went "nope, not having that".

*quality video about not panicing in a tough situation.

Also, I had kind of assumed that being able to swim was a prerequisite for a MARINE!

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Wrongfully Jailed For Rape As A Teen,

ChaosEngine says...

"all too common"

Bull fucking shit. Evidence about false rape claims is hard to come by, but most studies put it at around 2-5% of reported rape claims. And given that rape has an incredibly low reporting rate (estimated as low as 1 in 10), that means that for every 1000 rape claims 2-5 are false.

So when we get the number of sexual assaults down from the point where someone is violated EVERY 98 FUCKING SECONDS, then we can worry about the false accusations.

bobknight33 said:

Woman destroys a mans life -- sounds all too common -- all with a lie. And we always have to believe the woman.

I really don't want METOO to mean I also was also destroyed by a woman's lie .

Master Ken: When is Deadly Force Justified?

Joe diGenova: Walls closing in on Obama DOJ officials

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