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The history and virtues of eating pigeon meat

newtboy (Member Profile)

Buttle says...

thanks. I think this is one of the best on youtube.

newtboy said:

I got hooked on this series about 6 months ago and binge watched it from the beginning. It's a great introduction to ship building, and one hell of a project.
It's not exactly right to call it a restoration, there's hardly any of the original wood left in it. I think in the end there's going to be the transom and lead keel left, everything else being replaced including the dozens of huge iron, now polished brass, castings and thousands of custom copper rivets.
*promote a *quality series

The Missing Link in Renewables | Real Engineering

Buttle says...

Good presentation of the big problem with wind and solar for electricity -- they're not predictable over time. For anything close to 100% renewables this has to be addressed. They're right in saying Li-ion is not going to cut it for a number of reasons. Will the solution proposed actually do the job? No idea here.

Is Success Luck or Hard Work? | Veritasium

Buttle says...

Luck, shmuck. I have an issue with the snatoms; how do you make a double or triple bond? It was simple with the old fashioned ball and spring things.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Easy Way To Thread A Needle

Buttle says...

Heavy wool darning thread did not work at all.

Spacedog79 said:

I tried this and it does work, but results seem to vary widely depending on the type of thread being used. Some are easy, some are much harder.

Easy Way To Thread A Needle

How the Ancient Greeks knew Earth was round

The Most Important Filmmaker You Haven't Heard Of

Buttle says...

I think that was Sally Menke. Dede Allen was the one on Bonnie and Clyde. Both sadly no longer with us.

BSR said:

Seems 50% of my admiration for Tarantino needs to be shared with Dede Allen.

lucky760 (Member Profile)

Primitive Technology: Lime

The Oldest Fast Food Restaurant in the East End

Buttle says...

Looks delicious. Eels are one of those foods like oysters, that used to be dirt cheap but, due to overfishing and pollution, are pretty expensive now.

Watch Bed Bugs Get Stopped in Their Tracks | Deep Look

This Mountain Has Been Home to Monks for 12 Centuries

Buttle says...

Seems a bit odd that they don't mention the reason Mount Athos is recently famous -- females, including even female animals, are banned. I guess they import all their cheese.

This Dish Could Kill You

Buttle says...

Feseekh is traditionally eaten especially during Shem el Nessim (smelling the breezes, same day as Coptic Easter). I first encountered it in my uncles house in Cairo -- I thought a rat must have died in his wall, but no, that was what was for dinner, and a smell very unlike breezes. A taste that I failed to acquire.

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