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VoodooV says...

are you sure? the sift does seem to have a habit of banning people..supposedly permanently...and letting them back on eventually.

can you blame people for trying to circumvent banning if the perception is that banned people come back anyway?

lucky760 says...

@cdimetry had the audacity to slap VideoSift in the face by trying to create yet another account after being temp-banned. He was auto-blacklisted by Siftbot and I thought he just wasn't aware of his banning, so I explained via email and lifted that blacklisting.

Then after that he immediately used a different IP to create another another account, @Stillhere, and even submitted a video with that account.

For this blatant disregard of VideoSift, the community, and yours truly, @cdimetry is blacklisted permanently.

lucky760 says...

For the curious, @cdimetry has been temp-banned for two weeks for abuse of Sift guidelines.

In a misguided gesture toward @pumkinandstorm for being so nice to him, he created a second account and went on an up-voting spree in her favor.

That account will be banned and all its votes removed.

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