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Make me laugh, get Torchlight 2 (Blog Post)

Hey guys, I thought I'd give something back to this great community.

Post your funniest joke in the comments. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest (warning: highly subjective) gets Torchlight 2 (or any other equally priced game) gifted via Steam.

One joke per person and I guess this will run either a week or until there are at least 10 jokes, whichever takes longer.

YouSift updated (Blog Post)


So since I started sifting videos again, I updated the YouSift GM script I had made a while ago. It's a GreaseMonkey script that adds a custom "VideoSift" button to YouTube pages. When clicked the button opens up a new tab with the VideoSift submit form and automatically fills out some of the fields.

I uploaded it here in case any of you find it useful.


Not gonna buy ANYTHING from UMG ever again (Blog Post)

I've had it with these clowns. 99% of the videos I can't watch on YouTube are blocked because UMG bitched about their copyright being infringed. You know how many songs I bought because I first heard them in some random web video? Well UMG obviously doesn't.

So that's it, not gonna spend a single cent on their products anymore. From now on, everytime I'm about to buy any kind of music, I'll make sure it's not part of the UMG family (which I'll admit, is ALOT).

It's kicking off! (Blog Post)

Just finished watching the first game, what a nice opener! My money was on a draw, but I would've been happy to lose the wager in order to see South Africa win, they sure would've deserved it!

Of course the World Cup is not really gonna start for me until Italy plays, but there are alot of great games on the way. USA - England for example should be interesting and is already touted as kind of a grudge match.

I hope everything's gonna go well and an African team is gonna get far in the tourney. And if I'm really lucky I won't have to rename my VS account once it's over ;-)

So long (Blog Post)

Just wanted to mention that I'm not working for dag and lucky anymore and actually haven't for the past weeks either. So if something is not working the way it's supposed to anymore please contact one of the two and not me.

I've dug up and updated one of my GM scripts and released a new one I've been using myself.


SmallTalk - Minimizes talk/blog posts in the listing.

InvoDrop - Dropbox for video invocations.


Thanks you rasch for giving the latter one a thorough testing. Unfortunately I won't be working on it anymore, so there might be some unresolved issues. Use it at your own risks.

So long everybody.

Ninite - Install lots of apps at once (Blog Post)

I kinda wish I had found out about this a month ago when I reinstalled my system, but I'm definitely gonna keep a bookmark for next time. lets you choose from a list of popular apps and creates a customized installer that automatically installs all the apps you've selected. No more installing Firefox, Winamp, iTunes, Flash etc. one by one. 


YouSift updated (Blog Post)

I just updated my YouSift script. A couple of video hosts have changed their layout since my last update, so the script stopped working for them. It's now fully functional again and I also included support for

You can download the script here.

YouSift is a little script I made for the FireFox addon Greasemonkey, which makes it easier for you to sift videos. It inserts a sharing button for VideoSift on a couple of popular video hosts. When clicked, it redirects you to the VideoSift submission page and automatically fills in all the info it can find (embed code, title, tags, description).

Currently supported are: YouTube,, Dailymotion, CollegeHumor and

(YouSift on
YouSift in action on FunnyOrDie

Thank You! (Blog Post)

I just wanted to say that working on 4.0 has been a wonderful experience for me. I have to thank Lucky and Dag for everything they've done and for presenting me with such a great opportunity. I really enjoy being part of such a great team and I think we've done a pretty good job on 4.0.

Working for the benefit of such a great community was a big motivation as well. If it wasn't for all the wonderful people and their great contributions to this site, I might not have stuck around when I first discovered this site and wouldn't have gotten to this point.

I hope you all enjoy the changes that have been introduced and I'm sure you will continue to make this site the very special place it is on the web.

We've already got some great ideas for 4.1, so don't think that we're gonna take it slow after the launch of 4.0

GM Script: Small Talk (Blog Post)

This script minimizes Sift Talk posts in the Talk section listing and inserts an arrow next to the title that will expand/collapse the post on click.

Download it here.

Since some users don't feel the need to use snip or collapse tags when posting the phone book on the front page of the talk section, it has become something of a nuisance to navigate it. Other things, like long lists of neat things, can also clutter the talk listing a bit.

You can modify the minHeight variable at the top of the script to change the minimum height (in pixel) a sift talk post has to have in order to be minimized on load (default is 110).

As with all my GM Scripts you will need FireFox and the AddOn GreaseMonkey for this to work.

GM Script: Poll Colors (updated) (Blog Post)

Update: Fixed a bug where vote options that only have one vote wouldn't be processed.

Made this one when the polls were introduced. Given the recent influx of siftquisitions/polls I thought it might be worth sharing.

Adds colored bars to the polls. Will result in the vote count being visible all the time (not just after clicking "show votes"). Due to rounding it might end up showing a total of 99 or 101%.



Edit: As with all my GM Scripts you will need FireFox and the AddOn GreaseMonkey for this to work.

Get it here.

Thanks xxovercastxx! (Blog Post)

A while back when the black theme was introduced to VideoSift some of us noticed how the star icons and such weren't really designed to work on both bright and dark backgrounds. xxovercastxx was nice enogh to make an alternative icon set, but the originals were modified to (somewhat) work with the dark color theme and xxovercastxx icons probably ended up mostly unnoticed...

... more inside ...

YouSift (Blog Post)

For completion's sake, here's my blog entry covering my GreaseMonkey script "YouSift".

YouSift puts a link on YouTube(screenshot) and CollegeHumor(screenshot) video pages. When clicked, you will be redirected to VideoSift's submission page and all the relevant information (embed code, title, tags, description), if available, will be filled in automatically.

... more inside ...

GM Script: SynerSift (Blog Post)

Quick and simple: This script removes the synergy bar that's located at the very top of the page, but preserves the chat link and status by putting it just above the profile | account | log out links.

Hey, don't cry Synergy Bar, it's not you, it's me! We had some good times didn't we? You introduced me to escalopting, we both laughed. But now it's time to go our separate ways.

Get the script here.

Style the Sift (Blog Post)

Using FireFox and the Addon Stylish or GreaseMonkey gives you the possibility of replacing a site's CSS with your custom StyleSheet. In short, you can restyle any given site to a certain degree. I played around with it a little bit, creating a custom style based on my charter css. Here's the result:


If you want you're Sift to look like this,  download this style here.

GM Script: Merged Siftbot Affirmations (updated yet again) (Blog Post)

Yet another update (03/17): Now works with reclaimvote and brief invocations.

Update: Worked out a few issues and included dupeof, doublepromote and notdead invocations.

While browsing through the Sift Talk section I saw something gorillaman said:

"I'd ignore siftbot if it would actually make the comment disappear entirely, rather than just the text."

Since the siftbot comments don't count towards the total number of comments anymore and the affirmation messages siftbot posts after each invocation can really clutter up the comments section of a thread I wrote this script. It merges the invocating comment with the affirmation message from siftbot, making it look a little more organized. You'll have to disable the script if you want to upvote the merged siftbot messages or see the corresponding links for siftbot (profile, timestamp, etc.).

You need FireFox and the GreaseMonkey extension for this to work. If you don't like the colors you can easily change them by modifying the color and image variables at lines 10 to 12 in the script. 


InvoDiv Merge

My New GM Script: Invocation Links (Blog Post)

After going on a killing spree in my personal queue I decided to make this script, because typing (or copy/pasting) the invocation everytime was really annoying. So yeah it's pretty self-explanatory. Press a button and the corresponding invocation will be invoked. There's a confirmation request for the more serious invocations so you don't accidentially kill someone's video.

You need FireFox and the GreaseMonkey extension for this to work. If you don't like the colors you can easily change them by modifying the color variables at lines 9 to 12 in the script.




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