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Sift Moderators?

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The current hierarchy of only having admins and users seems to ensure two things: grief and drama. While granting privileges based on star count might appeal to people on a democratic level, it does not seem very practical. I've never seen a community where more restricted rights were granted based on the post count of users, and it wouldn't work in any of the communities I've ever seen either. If you recall the case of the banned member who was allowed back on the sift not too long ago, all of that drama and bickering, all of the back and forth, it all started when that user discarded someone else's post (afaik). Not only is it unnecessary to grant that right to users (I personally can't imagine a scenario where I'd be in my right to use it), but it basically begs to be abused. Just recently there was a discussion about an alleged wrong use of the dupeof command. The problem here wasn't that the command might've been used in a wrong instance, but that one user decided over the content over another user, and had the right to do so.

Besides, I can't image that the admins would want to micromanage every little squabble between users, as well as perform all the more restricted maintenance tasks themselves. I've seen people around here who would make great moderators and could really contribute to the stability and peace of this community.
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