Going to be away for awhile . . . (Blog Post)

As some of you may or may not have known, my grandpa had been very sick for a very long time.  My participation here began to wane as a result, and this morning he passed away.  I'm feeling a strange mixture of disbelief, relief, sadness, and closure.  I promise I'll be back -- see you guys soon.


Done . . . with . . . finals! (Blog Post)

LG Dare (Blog Post)

Just got it, and I heard the touchscreen takes some getting used to.  Not true -- it's incredibly responsive and accurate immediately, and I've never used a touchscreen before.  Truly very impressed with this phone initially.

Impending Absence (Blog Post)

My grandpa decided to stop his dialysis treatment, so he is not going to live to see December.  When he dies, I am not going to take it very well, so don't expect to see me around much until late 2008/early 2009.

g09w7uh33487ugh4u5 (Blog Post)

This is my sandbox.  Move along. 


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Senioritis (Blog Post)

I am in the middle of two group projects and I have a 50-minute presentation to give two Thursdays from now.  I am so tired of all this.  Shoot me now.

From Jonathan Haidt's TED Talk: YourMorals.org (Blog Post)

Here is the excellent video (thanks theaceofclubz): The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans - TED

During the talk he mentioned the surveys made available by him and his team at http://www.YourMorals.org.  The site has you register an account (pain-free) so that they can save your demographic data, see how certain participant groups respond across surveys, and, of course, so you can view your survey results at any time.  I decided to take several of the surveys, but for now I'll just post my results for the Moral Foundations Questionnaire.  I'm curious to see how the VS community is shaped.  ... more inside ...

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