Nolwenn Leroy - Mna Na Heireann

Nolwenn Leroy is a French singer performing a nice version of "Mna na hEireann" a traditional ballad. I wanted to sift the Eimear Quinn version but it doesnt seem to exist online at this time. Google safe seach seems to think "Mna na hEireann" means something dirty, it means "Women of Ireland".

Mrá na hÉireann
The Women of Ireland

Tá bean in Éirinn a bhronnfadh séad dom, is mo sháith le n-ól
[taw ban in erinn a vrona sheyd dom, iss mo haw leh nol]
There’s a woman in Erin who’d give me riches and my fill of ale

Is tá bean in Éirinn is ba bhinne léi, mo ráfla ceoil ná seinm théad
[Is taw ban in erinn iss ba vinnya leyee, mo rafla kyol naw shinim heyd]
There’s a woman in Erin who’d prefer my strains to strings being played

Tá bean in Éirinn ‘s níor bhfearr léi beo
[taw ban in erinn sneer var ley byo]
There’s a woman in Erin and nothing would please her more

Mise ag léimnigh nó leagtha i gcre is mo tharr faoi fhód.
[misha egg lymneh no lagga ih grey iss mo har fwee ohd.]
Than to see me burning or in a grave lying cold.

Tá bean in Éirinn a bheadh ag éad liom, mura bhfaighfinn ach póg
[taw ban in erinn a veh egg eyd lumm, murra vy-inn akh pog]
There’s a woman in Erin who’d be mad with envy if I was kissed

Ó bhean ar aonach, nach ait an scéala, ‘s mo dháimh féin leo
[O vann air aynakh, nakh atch an shkeyla, smo ghawv heyn lyo]
By another on a fair-day, they have strange ways, but I love them all

Tá bean ab fhearr liom.
[taw ban ab air lyum]
There are women I’ll always adore

Ná cath is céad dhíobh nach bhfagham go deo
[naw cah iss keyd gheev nakh vyham go dyo]
Battalions of women and more

‘S tá cailín spéiriúil ag fear gan Bhearla, dubhghránna crón.
[staw kyleen speyriuil egg fair gunn varla, doov ghrawnna crone.]
And there’s this sensuous beauty and she shackled to an ugly boar.

Tá bean a déarfadh dá siúl fhainn léi go bhfaighinn an t-ór
[taw ban a dyeragh daw shyool ann leyee, guh vyinn unn tor]
There’s a woman who promised if I’d wander with her I’d find some gold

‘s tá bean ‘na leine is fearr a méin ná na táinte bó le bean a bhuairfeadh
[staw ban nuh leyna iss far a meyn naw nuh tawntcha bo leh ban a voora]
A woman in night dress with a loveliness worth more than the woman who vexed

Baile an Mhaoir o, is clár Thír Eoghain
[bawlya an weer oh, iss klar heer owen]
Ballymoyer and the plain of Tyrone

‘s ní fheicim leigheas ar mo ghalar féin ach scaird a dh’ól.
[snee eckim lyass air mo ghalar heyn akh scard a ghol.]
And the only cure for my pain is the alehouse.

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