Karl Rove on what went wrong for Romney-VOTE SUPPRESSION!!

What does Rove mean by "vote suppression"? He means that Obama convinced people to not vote for Romney. Isn't that called... a political campaign?

from Daily Kos:
The Master of The Math analyzes the election (with my thoughts in parentheses):

1. Fewer whites voted for President Obama than in 2008. (Wait, Karl, I thought you were telling us what went wrong with Mitt?)
2. Obama became first president to be reelected with smaller margin than his previous election. (Except of course for FDR in 1940 and 1944. Which means Obama isn't the first. And besides, he got a higher share of the vote than George W. Bush in 2004.)
3. The only group that gave Democrats more votes than last time were Latinos. (Except also Asian-Americans, which Rove doesn't mention.)
4. Obama only succeeded by "suppressing the vote." How did he suppress the vote? By attacking Mitt Romney. (Apparently, Romney was helpless to respond—which suggests a problem with Mitt Romney, not the Obama campaign.)
5. American Crossroads valiantly tried to defend Mitt Romney, but according to Rove "we don't do defense all that well."
6. Also, Romney was unable to get more votes than John McCain. (Slight dose of reality there from Rove.)
7. Again, Obama has become the first president in history to win reelection with a smaller percentage than his previous election. (Again, bullshit. Plus, winning is winning.)
8. Obama's strategy was cynical because it was designed to disqualify Mitt Romney. (Yeah, sure, unlike lying about John Kerry's record as a war hero.)
9. Republicans have a problem with Latinos. (Hey! Another dose of reality from Rove.)
10. "It's hard to have some Anglo make the argument to a largely Latino community." (Yeah, Latino racism definitely explains why Obama-Biden won such a huge share of the Latino vote despite running against a guy whose dad was born in Mexico.)
11.Republicans elected a black guy from a white district in East Texas so that proves Republicans are a totally diverse party. (And John Boehner's spray tan only adds emphasis to Rove's point.)

With brilliant insight like that, it's hard to understand why Republicans didn't win more elections.

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