Just Another Bad Cop Abusing Elderly Veterans

Officer Johan Mulero: Lower your voice or you’re going to jail!
Allan Kidd: Listen to this guy, are you believing this?

Police bodycam footage caught this cop bullying a senior citizen.

Officer Johan Mulero: [Shoves Kidd to the ground] Sit down. Sit down. Do you understand that? When I tell you to do something, you do it.
Allan Kidd: Yes, all right. You’re on a power trip, is that what it is?
Officer Johan Mulero: No, I need you to listen. That’s what’s up.

Officer Johan Mulero, then 32, made this ‘unlawful arrest’ in 2017.

Allan Kidd: I’m just standing on the street corner, talking to this guy I just met, and all of a sudden you’re pushing me down and being real physical with me.
Officer Johan Mulero: Yeah. You know why?
Allan Kidd: No, I don’t know why.
Officer Johan Mulero: Lower your voice. Lower your voice.
Officer Johan Mulero:

Then 69-year-old Allan Kidd is a veteran who was a military police officer.

Officer Johan Mulero: Do you have ID on you, sir?
Allan Kidd: Yes, sir. I sure do. I don’t understand why you’re doing this, why you’re pushing me around.
Officer Johan Mulero: Because I don’t like people testing me.
Allan Kidd: I don’t like f*cking nazis either, ok?
[Officer throws Kidd onto the ground]
Allan Kidd: Are you done? Can I show you my ID?
Officer Johan Mulero: Give me your arm.
Allan Kidd: Can I show you my ID? [...]
Allan Kidd: I’ve done nothing wrong.
Officer Johan Mulero: Stop talking!
Allan Kidd: What? [Kidd is escorted into police car]

Kidd spent two days in jail for ‘resisting an officer without violence.’

Officer Johan Mulero: When you walk up to an officer and you get that close to an officer, and it’s not good. Why? Because now you’re in my personal space. So I am telling you to back up.
Allan Kidd: So it’s ok for you —
Officer Johan Mulero: And when you don’t back up —
Allan Kidd: — to get in my personal space?
Officer Johan Mulero: ’Cause when I give you an order —
Allan Kidd: Because you’re on a power trip.
Officer Johan Mulero: Because when I give you an order and you don’t follow it, that’s what happens. I told you to back up and you didn’t. I told you to back up again or I’m gonna sit you down and you didn’t. So I sat you down. That’s how it works.
Allan Kidd: Is that how it works?
Officer Johan Mulero: Yes.

Mulero wasn't fired until after the full body cam video surfaced a year later since the arrest ‘lacked any probable cause & therefore any legal basis.’

Allan Kidd: You’re on a power trip, is that what it is?

DeLand Police say they will now review every arrest of this charge. The police chief said Mulero underwent the de-escalation trainings required of all officers, but failed to use the skills he had learned.

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