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Zawash (Member Profile)

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt - Official Trailer

Snowmobile Jumps Highway

Cycle Drift Limbo Smash

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Moto2 rider sparks fury after grabbing rival's brake lever

The Cheating Penske Camaro

C-note (Member Profile)

C-note says...

You owe me no explanation for how you run your site. If you feel the videos of children speaking about kids and for for kids do not belong then I will consider their voices silenced here.

dag said:

As en loco parentis for the Kids channel I will tell you that this channel is both about kids and FOR kids - videos that would be of interest to kids. The videos you were assigning to *kids were not appropriate for that channel - and it’s not the place to make a political point. Siftler out.

C-note (Member Profile)

Rally Crash:Keep Going

waqar (Member Profile)

C-note says...

Stop caring about votes. Comment on what you are passionate about. Submit videos that moved you to joy, happiness, sadness, rage, anger or bliss.

waqar said:

Dear C-note, Please help me, how to improve vote, i want to be out of probation period.
I need your kind help in this regard

Monster Jam 2017 Top Ten

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

C-note says...

Thank you, Now I must learn what to do with these points. I have lurked around videosift for a few years but I've never taken the time to do more then post, vote, or pick fights from time to time.

Mordhaus said:

Happy Holidays!

greatgooglymoogly (Member Profile)

C-note says...

A man in Florida laid on the ground with his hands up and still got shot. A man licensed to carry complied with an officer's orders and still got shot. Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Facts based on statistics clearly show black men are 9 times more likely to be shot by police then others. This truth can not be disputed.

greatgooglymoogly said:

I hope the boy's mother talked to him about the dangers of running from cops. Not that what they were right, but right vs wrong doesn't matter too much when you are dead.

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