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64 Orbits Around The Sun Completed. "I see dead people." "I pick things up and put them down"

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siftbot says...

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newtboy says...

Let me guess, he's moving to Russia, right? Saudi Arabia is my second guess, Israel is out, pretty sure they extradite non Jewish foreigners.

BSR said:

I like how Trump is finally beginning to talk about leaving the country when he is voted out. He will have to leave unless they put him in prison first.

A real whiner instead of a fake winner.

Harris 2020

newtboy says...

You would think, but that didn't happen.
I never turned him in to lucky, just quit using his ridiculous hyper biased propaganda links at all, they're always bullshit anyway.
It was years ago the first time virus scan told me the site, a fake abc website hosted in Chile that he linked, hosted viruses, and a few more later. If I had been using my tablet then, I would have viruses, it doesn't warn me. Now the only safe move is ignoring them.

BSR said:

Isn't that grounds for the ban hammer?

siftbot says...

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