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djsunkid says...

Very unlikely. I don't really know the katy perry song, but Wikipedia says that it came out on May 6, 2008. The electrypnose track playing at ~50:00 is called Make Or Quake, and it was released on a compilation on May 10th, according to discogs.

Interestingly enough, my friend Chris did a psytrance remix. You can hear it on his twisted sessions page:
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Am I losing my mind or is it really Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl I'm hearing sampled @ ~50:00 on your Feb 2009 demo??

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djsunkid says...

Lucky halp! I really really want this video for my *cooking collective, but I can't find the embed.

I already posted one video from El Bulli, but this gets the... flavour... the importance... the genius! A bit better than the bourdain video that I sifted before. Ferran Adria talks about magic... and I don't think he is exaggerating.

Anyway, how can I sift it???

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djsunkid says...

Well, similar effect, but continuous.

It's really neat. I just uploaded a clip onto youtube so you could hear:

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>> ^djsunkid:
1. Beatsystem - Endlessly Downward
This is exactly what it sounds like. It is a 3 minute track of a repeating loop of tones that sound like they are going downward, endlessly. It is kind of a auditory version of barbershop pole.

I don't know the track but from your description, I'd guess it's a Shepard Scale.

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djsunkid says...

Wow, great! Well found! Thank you.

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Some of the story of the choreography can be found by Google. Looks like this performance was in the 2001/2002 time frame and the clip ends before one of the dancers is stripped completely naked.

Quotes from the choreographer, Angelin Preljocaj, from the web site for his ballet company, Ballet Preljocaj.
“ Whenever I listen to Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" - veritable ground-swell of music of the 20th century - what I feel transpires through this work is as much a matter of fascination as of a feeling of ancestral terror.
This music unceasingly carries along with it a slowly rising force of desire, and at the same time, a kind of controlled panic.
A blend of madness at the thought of perpetrating an act literally dictated by the very molecules of our being and at the same time of jubilation stimulated by our senses ? a leap forward imbued here with the power of an irremediable force.
When faced with this ancestral mechanism, the bodies of the dancers, drunk with exhaustion, have no choice but to participate in this ritual.
Bringing the clan together around an impulse that is, in the end, biological, the Rite of Spring reminds us that as long as men and women continue in their spiritual, cultural or intellectual quest, they will unceasingly and inevitably stumble against this weakness.
As Pascal Quignard says in "sex and fright":
"we carry with us the mental disarray of our own conception.
There is no image that shocks us more than that of reminding us of the gestures of our very inception”

More at

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djsunkid says...

hey wow- I was about to write you a message welcoming you to the sift, but I guess it would be more appropriate to welcome you BACK to the sift. Looks like you were here, and gone and now you're back. I expect that that trailer for echochrome is going to do very well. Your comments have been very insightful in the past, and I look forward to seeing what else you find for us! Here's to our new/old member- may you get your gold star soon!


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Deano (Member Profile)

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swampgirl (Member Profile)

djsunkid says...

hehehehe, sounds more like a nightmare! I think it's funny that I was actually carefully constructing the wording of my rant in my dream. Also that I dreamt a downvote rampage. heheh...

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I hope you never have a dream about retro-geezer music sifts,70's commercials or puppy sifts.

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djsunkid says...

Send them to me and I'll sift'em up for ya. More liquid vids on the sift would be great. I dance liquid too, but I'm nowhere near as good as the guy in this vid.

In reply to your comment:
I'd show you all what's up with my moves, but I'm not allowed to submit my own video . . . Sweet Video!

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