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What If All The Ice Melted On Earth? ft. Bill Nye

alcom says...

But if only 3% of Earth's water is fresh water, and 70% of that is currently frozen, that's a long, slow wait for a slightly less salty ocean. I don't think your dilution theory "hold water."

I agree though, it could take decades, centuries or longer.

notarobot said:

But all the ice won't melt.

By the time all the ice gets melty, the freshwater will dilute the salinity of the oceans. Once diluted, the oceans will be be slightly less good at conveying heat from the equator to polar regions, which means the poles will get colder and start to accumulate ice.

Now this process may take a long time. Could be decades. Could be centuries. Could be longer. But it will happen.

How to Fix Christmas Lights Fast and Easy

alcom says...

Uh, yes it works. I tested it on some old outdoor mini lights and attempted to create one good string of good lights out of 3 partially-working strings. Unfortunately, one of the lights exploded and a piece hit my ceiling really hard! Fearing for my eyes, I abandoned the project.

I recommend just buying a new string of led lights

eric3579 said:

Put me on that list also. I have some lights that could use a fixin.

How to Fix Christmas Lights Fast and Easy

Can Language Affect How You Spend Your Money?

How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages

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