Intro da prolegomenon Björn!!!!!! (!!!!!)

wazzp yall, me is da bomb Björn bloggin'from my Laotian hot hotel. My lappykeyboard is full of sweat   and human/non-human dirt, but I don't care mucho. (but mention it anyways, if u xcuse me, mwahhaa) This afternoon we did karaoke sing along versionz of the crème de la crème we could get as far as Lao pop iz concerned. One highlight was def Ting Phailavanh , no as perty as my gf, but she her angelic sounds came to me and exploded in my heart and all. Tormented I was by it, 4 real. ..inkredible. keoy tor tae keoy sin wung...memories..these memories!!!! alreddy after couple of hours I feel homesicko and I want to hear these tracks againandagainandagain.they'll haunt me when I go horizontaal..




BTW I am pro Lego..well, of corse, we in Sweden are Fatherz of da Lego! brb b4 u no it


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