debunking the 4 biggest lies about immigrants

as we watch the bread and circuses fed to the american public,and as the drama of this countries absurd political theater heats up.we are subjected to politicians who appeal to the most base of emotions:racism,prejudice and irrational xenophobia.all targeting the weakest and most vulnerable of our society.which is convenient because that demographic does not have the resources to defend themselves.

the elite political class who engage in the language of empathy and compassion,claiming to be good christians.while simultaneously,and hypocritically,denounce abortion as murder and the death penalty as justice.condemn and berate the poor as lazy grifters looking for a handout,while handing over billions in tax breaks,subsidies and no-bid contracts to their buddies on wall street,big business and the defense industry.

these charlatans point to immigrants as the problem.that it is those immigrants who "took your job".that it is the poor immigrant that embodies every venal and vile in this is the immigrant who is lazy..yet is willing to do the jobs YOU wont do..for less,and it is these immigrants that burden our society by their lazy (or is it working too hard at jobs we dont want?.they cant seem to keep this story straight) that is the reason why things are so bad.

which of course is utter and absolute bullshit,but some americans,unwilling to recognize their own bias,racism and prejudice,find this pile of offal appealing and clasp onto this stupid mindset like a drowning man.all in order to justify their own racist delusions.

immigration is not the problem.
those people did not take your job.
the political class,along with the intellectual class sold you out.
the company you used to work for.THEY took your job and gave it to habib in bangledesh.

but you go right ahead and keep deluding yourself that the real issue is immigrants.
you must find your ignorance comforting.

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