Where is the Weirdest Place You've Ever Made Whoopee?

The Newlywed Game was the subject of an urban legend for many years. The story, which had several variations, had Bob Eubanks asking a contestant, "Where is the weirdest place where you have ever made whoopee?" in one episode. The contestant supposedly responded, "In the butt." Eubanks denied the incident for a long time.

The original clip had been presented -- possibly (since it was an outtake belonging to Eubanks) without the foreknowledge or consent of the participants shown -- on a "Newlywed Game Bloopers" television program broadcast in about 1984 on non-network cable TV. It showed an African-American couple who were asked "Where is the most unusual place you've ever made whoopee?" The husband, when asked to predict his wife's response (which was, incidentally, "In the kitchen"), replied, with every attempt at dignity, "That would be up the butt, Bob," to which the audience responded with hysterical laughter. The male contestant, then, unamused and embarrassed, clearly having been displeased about being the object of that laughter in the original incident, may have complained about the clip's being televised without his knowledge, which may have resulted in further embarrasment, and asked that it not be shown again. And that complaint may have been the reason Eubanks for some time publically offered a reward for any copy of this clip which he also said did not exist!

More recently Eubanks said that the incident in question happened in a 1977 episode where he asked a wife named Olga where the weirdest place that she and her husband Hank had the urge to "make whoopee" was. After drawing a blank, and prodded by Eubanks to give an answer, the wife responded, "In the ass" (with "ass" bleeped out). As everyone in the studio laughed uproariously, Eubanks clarified the question, asking for the weirdest location.

Eubanks reluctantly presented the clip on a 2002 NBC special, The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments, which he co-hosted. The clip also appeared (uncensored) in the 2002 film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, about the life of producer Barris.

Hank's original, more pedestrian answer that Olga couldn't match was... "in the car", one that had drawn laughter and applause during the husbands-only segment. (Eubanks: "I'm going to take the side streets hereafter." )

During the same season, Eubanks asked another set of couples what their least favorite place to make love was. One wife quickly said, "Probably I would say the ass" (with that word bleeped out.) causing her husband to groan and sink in his seat. That episode was seen on the "Nutty Newlyweds" retrospective on Game Show Network in 2002. (Thanks Wikipedia)

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