Joe Rogan on RT Speaking on DMT & Transhumanism

Rogan explains DMT - correlates new research that showed rat's produce DMT in the pineal gland, in humans it is found in the lungs and more than likely the pineal gland as well. Many people who have experienced it are able to see what they believe could be misconstrued as a revelation from God; and thus human myths arose into Religion. If for some reason there is not a conspiracy to NOT study DMT; they will find DMT in the Pineal Gland and it should be studied as the possible root of all consciousness and try to figure out what consciousness is. It might be that consciousness is simply a set of molecules that behave quantum mechanically when given the opportunity, thus a "soul" of pure consciousness energy. This might imply that we are "eternal" a concept many participants express after an experience with DMT, in the timeless - infinite eternal realm.

DMT is the only thing I have ever experienced to be beyond all Science. Once I saw how far this experience can go (while I screamed and screamed and screamed "FUCK, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!), I still love my Science, but I see it as what it is: an industry of ideas, where money is buying the idea.

DMT is the Quantum realm, it is chaos into perfection upon the observer, but Science cannot explain consciousness and they certainly never made apparent that a person could actually experience something on this level; many, many times beyond the "Consensus Reality".

Nothing else in this life has been so indescribable, baffling, horrifying, and perfect all simultaneously. I never thought it was possible to "travel" out of body, even though I have had some experiences with psilocybin & salvia that pointed in that direction but not as complete and succinct as a near death experience on DMT; a literal exponential "Quantum Leap". I often wonder how different this bullshit society would be if these experiences were not taboo but expected and met with absolute respect; though, I realize some people need their "stability" & comfort with their owns lives, so it is absolutely not for everyone - except those who see the lies and want some sort of truth. And then they will have no truths but an expanded mind for what actually is possible.

No one knows what it is but it may be some sort of chemical used by organisms & plants to communicate. It might be the "after death vehicle" the scenario that is played out when a person dies. Maybe it completely fools the brain into creating impossible and unimaginable experience that defies logic and is unlike anything seen on Earth. Maybe we are constructs from a massive super computer experiment and this connects us with the weird elves who sit inside the reality inversion dimension plugging away at creation and showing the beholden how to create with pure tone and geometry. It's a cheat code & a paradox that has more than likely been used for thousands of years as well as been veiled in secrecy to pop up once again in the best of times, the Age of Aquarius.

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