Thomas Peterffy is an immigrant to the United States who was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1944. When he arrived here in 1965 he couldn't even speak English yet. Eventually he became a computer programmer, but decided in 1977 to leave his career designing financial modeling software that he had.

He then bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange to trade options. Peterffy's Business related to his AMEX seat eventually developed into his current business of which he is the Founder & CEO of: Interactive Brokers.

Besides being a "job creator" and pitching this inflammatory Ad that is fully in support of the Republican platform by way of fear inducement... It is scary to see the final repercussions from Citizen's United and see that a private billionaire like Mr. Peterffy can just put up a random add, FULL of distortion and outright lies and it is broadcasted as though it deserves a place next to a Kool-Aidâ„¢ commercial (as it's VERY insulting to Mr. Kool-Aid...).

Mr. Peterffy, besides owning his Interactive Brokers business also has three children and is divorced. He is estimated to have a net-worth total value of five billion dollars.

I decided that it was worth our time to have this ad here, due to its historical ramifications and to really underline the lengths people in power or with wealth will go to, to get their way. It also deserves to get the backlash it needs to have thrown at it due to its utter ridiculous nature. This ad plays off of your emotional appeal, to your natural instinct to care. But, the real truth is that some of it is probably created in a Hollywood studio, BUT if he IS showing true strife in Hungary he most likely has the markings of a person with almost NO empathy. Last, as must ALWAYS be pointed out, to basically call out these idiots, we are not ANYWHERE close to a SOCIALIST government! GET OVER IT! Your talking point sucks and it's nearly 20 years old now.

It's funny in the end that he is so remarkably scared of paying MORE taxes, yet he spends HUGE amounts of money to try and stop it with ads... It's all so ironic somehow. I just knew this guy was an 1% personality, when he endorses the ad at the end with his own name. Do everyone a favor if you have a Google account setup and go to the video, login, and vote it down.

Citizens United=BANANAS!!!

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