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oritteropo (Member Profile)

oritteropo (Member Profile)

CrushBug says...

Thanks, I am going to try that tonight.

That is what I love about the Sift; everyone just wants to help.

In reply to this comment by oritteropo:
marinara's suggestion of a corrupt ff profile is certainly a possibility. Starting a new profile and seeing if that works is a fairly easy thing to do, and you can switch back to your existing one easily enough later:
In reply to this comment by CrushBug:
Yeah, I had everything disabled and I even tried safe mode. Nothing plays. I know it is just my setup because I can watch on 3 other computers with Firefox, I just wish I knew what the issue was.

In reply to this comment by oritteropo:
Just looking at my own config, there are four tabs on the add-ons config, and any of the add-ons, extensions, themes, or plugins (due to the way ff works) could potentially do this.

A corrupt profile is, of course, always an option too... I'd start with running it in safe mode though:

oritteropo (Member Profile)

CrushBug says...

Yeah, I tried that. I only have one add-on in Firefox and it is AdBlock Plus. I have tried with it disabled and no luck. It is so weird to have a main video unplayable, but an embedded video in comments work perfectly fine. It does seem to be only YouTube embeds, though, as I have tried 3 other players and they all work. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

In reply to this comment by oritteropo:
Try disabling your add-ons, and if this fixes it, re-enable them one at a time until it breaks again... then you have your culprit. Then you can see if there is an update that fixes it, or if you can live without it, or if you just need to turn it off for vs :

I had a similar issue with adblock and vimeo iframes, but lucky pointed out that it would be an add-on, and fortunately the next update fixed it.
In reply to this comment by CrushBug:
Sorry for hijacking this sift, but it is a perfect example of the technical problem I am having with Firefox and VideoSift right now. I cannot play the main video. Clicking on the embed does nothing at all, whereas I was able to play the video posted in comment by Barseps. For the second video, I actually saw the control bar at the bottom of the video, but I don't get the control bar for the main video. IE on the sift works fine, I can watch YouTube videos on the YouTube site just fine, and I can watch non-YouTube videos on the Sift just fine.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried reinstalling all kids of software, but nothing has fixed it.

EDD (Member Profile)

CrushBug says...

I started at BioWare just after MDK2 shipped for the Dreamcast so I started on MDK2 PC. Been there ever since and I have touched most of the PC titles that we have put out. I am currently working on Dragon Age.

In reply to this comment by EDD:
Wait. Whaaa??? Are you telling me you've been employed by Bioware for the past 9 years? You're not kidding me, are you? If I didn't misunderstand you then know there's one more person in the world that's envious of you

In reply to this comment by CrushBug:
Man, what a wild ride. Its coming up on 9 years for me there.

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