Irreversible: Rape scene (disturbing)

The most disturbing to me, besides the obvious, is that man that walks into the background, sees the scene, and walks away again.

From :

"The way I felt walking out of this movie the first time is pretty much the way I feel heading into 2010: appalled, furious and just not a huge fan of the human race. All that's missing is the guilty sense of exhilaration.

Gaspar Noe's follow-up to the equally challenging I STAND ALONE hit U.S. theaters the week before we invaded Iraq, and it felt perfectly suited to the grim mood of the nation at the time. Here was a film in which hastily-sought revenge results in several deeply unsatisfying acts of violence - the final one punctuated with a man's skull being smashed flat by a fire extinguisher. Okay, deeply unsatisfying for non-animals. But if you enjoyed that, not to worry! A couple of scenes later, Noe shows you, in excruciating, thrust-for-thrust detail, the reason for all that retribution. "

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Irreversible: Rape scene (disturbing)

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