Futurama - The Scary Door - The Ultimate Evil

Wikipedia:The Scary Door is a fictional TV show in the Futurama Universe, along with shows such as All My Circuits, Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, Good Morning Earth, and Late Night with Humorbot 5.0. The Scary Door is a spoof of The Twilight Zone.

The Scary Door's runtime in the series has been shown as less than a minute.[1] It features humorous spoofs of odd or scary tales usually based on original episodes of The Twilight Zone. During the original four season run of the show three episodes were featured.

The Ultimate Evil:
This is the third episode, shown during the credits of "Spanish Fry"[4]. It takes place in the laboratory of a mad scientist. The episode is a parody of The Twilight's Zone trademark twist endings which often carry messages about the nature of man.

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Futurama - The Scary Door - The Ultimate Evil

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