This is a news segment from a chinese news station, it shows a female successfully defending herself against a robber/rapist. It has been going around the Internets a while and people tend to yell fake but it isn't. Tisk tisk tisk...

"Prelude: Anchor:... to his dismay, the little girl turned out to be a Taekwondo black belt and he was pwn'd. When he tried to escape she pulled him back inside for another round of pwnage.

Actual report footage: Here we see a girl who seems to be in her teens walking into an elevator with a black belt. But a young male follows after her with a face mask and baseball cap. He is over a head taller than the girl but went to hide in the corner like a crook. The girl glances at him once suspiciously. But at this time the elevator doors opens and the girl tries to leave. But the male uses one hand to press the door-close button while the other covers the girls mouth. However, he was the one who met tragedy.
She threw the pervert to the ground and delivered a kick, then she used a Qin Na Shou (a Chinese kung fu technique, directly translates to "hunting prey hand" basically means a technique to put your enemy to the ground and hold it there). Then she sits on top of him and kicks him viciously.

At this point the pervert is on the ground with his hand over his head pleading for mercy, but the girl grabs his hair and smashes his head onto the metal floor repeatedly.

After about 25 seconds and pure pain the elevator door opens again and the pervert tries to make an escape, but his tragedy only grows even tragedy-er (whatever). She pulls him back down onto the ground by the back of the neck and proceeds with another round and vicious kicks. Finally the pervert makes his escape, but the girl chases him down relentlessly.

In this one minute of security footage we can see that even if you're trying to pick on a weak little girl you still have to question if you're strong enough (slang for: "don't underestimate")."

Translation from:

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