1980s Video Game Companies Factory Footage

YouTube Description:

http://www.PatrickScottPatterson.com - Purchased a huge cache of old gaming footage months back. A lot of these vids showed game companies from back in the day, all putting together the games we loved to play so much. A lot of the footage in here already appears online as part of larger vids, so in an attempt not to duplicate yet still share the footage I've put together a little video montage.

The companies that appear, in order, are...
- Midway MFG Co. (1981) - Assembling Pac-Man arcade cabinets
- Atari (1981) - Putting together a variety of classics, including Centipede
- Taito (1982) - Putting together what appears to be Alpine Ski, as well as a bench test of Wild Western
- Bally Midway (1982) - Putting together Tron with a cameo by Galaga's assembly line
- Nintendo (1989) - Howard Phillips playing Donkey Kong at Nintendo HQ, then the Super Famicom at his desk. Also a short look at one of the old game counselors.
- Nintendo Japan (1988) - Assembly line and warehouse shots from Nintendo's facilities in Japan, packaging up Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda II cartridges to send over to the States.

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